Medical Cost Sharing. A Time-Tested and Affordable Alternative to Insurance.

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A Time Tested Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance.

Health insurance costs in the US are out of control. Premiums, deductibles, and copays just keep rising. Many employers and individuals can’t find an affordable plan that works for them.

Medical Cost Sharing is an alternative to health insurance. It’s an innovative way to pay for your healthcare wherever and whenever you need it. Our members spend 30-60% less than they did with traditional health insurance.

The Basics

Big Savings Over Health Insurance – Typically 30-50% Less Expensive

Freedom From Network Limitations – See Any Doctor or Hospital You Choose

Sharing Begins as Low as $500 per Need

Needs Are Shared With The Community 

1 Million Members / $1B in Sharing Industry Wide

Promotes Healthy Lifestyles


Scoop Health gave me a whole new perspective on how healthcare should be paid for. I used to be health insurance all the way. Now I am using medical cost sharing for my family, but I've offered it for my best employees as well.

Roger C

I'm saving over $3,000 per year because I found Scoop Health through a friend. What's even better is that I realize this is such a better solution than health insurance. It's better for my healthcare needs!

John L

Prior to switching, I was insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The cost to my wife and I were getting out of hand as were paying $1,700 mo for both of us. I heard about Scoop Health from a friend I’ve known since 1983. He told me about the advantages, including how his daughters torn ACL was handled – – and it seemed like a smart way of handling medical expenses and related costs. I like the fact that I am saving almost $1000 a month in premium expense and have protection for any type of catastrophic illness. Prescriptions are actually cheaper now and doctors visits are not quite more than my old co-pay. I have already recommended my adult son to join Scoop Health and he has signed up. I think something like this is long overdue and I highly recommend it.

Rick M. Goldberg

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