[aa_subtitle_display]There are so many time consuming steps when it comes to the hiring process, and as business leaders, we know your time is precious.

One of the more tedious steps – yet an important one – is reviewing resumes to decide who you should bring into your office for an interview. You could have a huge stack of them sitting on your desk, with the mountain growing larger and larger each day.

In fact, sometimes, it may begin to feel like a tall task to actually go through them all. We’ve made a list of some easy ways to simplify the process to ensure your time is well spent and that you get the right talent in the door. Keep reading to become a whiz in no time!

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3 Ways to Make Resume Reviews Easier

Build a checklist for different roles

Each vacant role at your company requires different talents, abilities, and prior experiences. Before you begin reviewing resumes to find interviewees for a certain position, make a quick checklist of “must haves” when it comes to attributes that you want to see on a candidate’s resumes as well as “nice to haves” that would be a great perk, but maybe aren’t completely necessary to make the hire.

Then, quickly scan resumes, discarding those that do not have your “must haves”, and compiling all those that do into one stack. Then, narrow down the pile even further by going through the “yes” pile and finding those that also have “nice to haves”, discarding those that do not. Then, you can spend the bulk of the time really delving into the top contenders.

Build checklist

Look for red flags

Use certain “red flags” as indicators on a resume that lead to it being put in the discard pile. Things like employment gaps, signs of decreased responsibilities over time, short term employment several times, and several shifts in career path can be dead giveaways that the resume is not worth reviewing further. Another huge red flag is if there are spelling and grammatical errors on the resume.

Focus on their most recent experience

When you’ve whittled your pile down to a few that deserve further attention, you should focus primarily on their most recent experience to gain a further understanding of whether or not you would like to bring them in for an in-person interview.

Is their experience relevant to the position you’re looking to fill?

Do they have significant responsibilities that will translate to strong abilities at your company?

Are they familiar with your industry?

These are important questions that looking at just their most recent experience can be helpful in answering without having to look at the entirety of their resume, making it a quicker experience overall.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs exist to help you hire, train, and retain happy and effective employees. They can help simplify your hiring process from start to finish, resume review included! Call us today to learn more about PEOs and how to involve one in your organizations.

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