[aa_subtitle_display]With 2016 already winding down, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. So, what better time than now to make an effort to show your employees your appreciation and gratitude for them.

After all, showing your employees that you are grateful for them and their hard work is one of the best ways to ensure that they are satisfied in their job and create a strong culture filled with gratitude and appreciation.

Psychology Today reports that gratitude affects a part of the brain that can positively increase a person’s wellness, improve their sleep habits, heighten their metabolism, and decrease stress levels.

All of these will have positive impacts on your employee’s job performance and productivity levels. So what are some easy and effective ways for you to show your gratitude this holiday season? We have some suggestions!


Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You are Grateful for Them

Host an event

The holiday season a great time to get all of your employees together to celebrate another successful year. Use Thanksgiving as a way to gather together and express your “appreciation” for all that your employees do to keep your business running.

And, you don’t have to plan something grand – even a little gesture would be appreciated!

Some fun and easy ideas are a potluck lunch where everyone brings their favorite Thanksgiving dish or go out for a casual happy hour one night after leaving the office.

Create a public place for thanks

One way to make “thank yous” even more effective is to make them visible to the entirety of the office. Creating a public way to thank those who have had a positive impact on the company allows for public recognition and increased pride and confidence in employees.

A great way to do this is to send a company email praising individuals, or to create a “thank you wall” or bulletin board somewhere in the office where you as well as others can post thank you messages to those that have done something great.


Coordinate a kind gesture

While this may be unreasonable depending on the size of your company, handing out small gifts to show your gratitude or even individually written cards can have a lasting impact on employees.

Again, the scale of the gift depends on the position and size of your company, but something like a gourmet pie is perfect for Thanksgiving.

Or, bringing in Starbucks coffee and breakfast for everyone one morning (or something along these lines) to bring people together and celebrate is another well-received gesture that will allow people to interact and make them feel appreciated.

How your PEO Can Help

A PEO can be of assistance in coordinating different ways for you to show gratitude towards your employees, making them happier and more productive.

We can help place you with a PEO that is best suited for your particular business. Take advantage of our complimentary competitive analysis today to discover the best-fitting PEO and all the help it can provide your organization with before entering the holiday season.

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