[aa_subtitle_display]In the busy world of the workplace, we totally understand that taking the time out of your schedule to conduct employee satisfaction surveys can seem like it might not quite get you the bang-for-your-buck that you would hope for.

However, you may be surprised at how beneficial they actually are. This is definitely something that a PEO can assist with facilitating, and doing so can take the brunt of the work off of your plate as the employer. Although you may be surprised to learn this, the reasons to conduct these surveys

– even if it is just on an annual basis – are compelling. We’ve comprised a list of the most prevalent reasons to start surveying your employees as soon as you can.

It can help bring issues to light

While we hope that you have an open dialogue with your employees that encourages them to come to you with any issues they might be experiencing – let’s face it – there are some things that people are just not comfortable talking about.

A 2015 survey conducted by Cornell National Social Survey uncovered that 26% of respondents admitted to withholding information about problems or ideas for workplace improvement. Giving your employees this outlet to report things anonymously is likely to mitigate the risk of this happening at your company.

Asking thought provoking questions about the different positions your employees hold, the people they work with, the way they are managed, as well as the company in general prompts honest and open feedback that you may not hear via a more direct medium. Additionally, surveys with results collected from everyone can help bring underlying trends and feelings to light.

It can save your company money

While it may seem like conducting these questionnaires would be economically stabilizing to your business, they actually help discourage turnover and the loss of employees. The most listened to and appreciated employees feel, the more likely they are to have loyalty to the company and overall feel happy in their position.

Having workers participate in these surveys are a way of telling them that you care about their feedback and opinions and want to improve the workplace that is suitable to them. That being said, preventing a high level of internal turnover will cut down on recruitment and retraining costs for your business overall.

It can increase employee engagement

It is proven that employees that are more engaged in the workplace are 87% less likely to leave for a different job. That being said, opening the lines of communication between employees and upper management can act as a precursor to increased employee engagement on workplace issues and feedback.

As mentioned above, taking the time and resources to put out an employee survey is a public testament to the value you place on your employee’s opinions, which they are sure not to take lightly.

It can improve customer service

Especially if you are in the service industry or work with clients, conducting these internal surveys can actually improve your level of service externally.

After all, happier employees are more engaged and motivated, which in turn equates to harder work and better service to customers, which is good for everyone – most notably your business.

While the process of creating, implementing, and understanding the results of an employee survey probably seems like an intimidating process, your PEO is well equipped to help you form a plan of action and then execute it.

Rely on us to ensure that you not only ask the right questions but get the most out of the results collected in order to maximize the happiness of your employees and, in turn, the success of your business.

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