As a manager, it’s natural that people will feel uneasy around you at times. After all, it can be tough to interact with your superiors and it can even be a bit nerve wracking at times.

However, as a business leader, it’s your goal to make sure your direct reports feel at ease around you and to ensure that you will be able to form a meaningful relationship based upon trust and openness.

To do so, you must show that you have a sincere personality as it helps to enforce the fact that you are caring, open, and devoted to this positive manager-direct report relationship.

Here are some simple and easy ways to let your sincerity shine through and start on the right track towards that positive image in the office.

5 Ways to Show You Have a Sincere Personality as a Manager

Say “good morning” every day

Don’t sneak into your office the backway when when you arrive in the mornings! Make it a point to walk through the cubicle areas and say good morning to either the group or individuals as you walk past.

Taking a moment to greet your direct reports lets them know that you want to interact with them the whole day through and can help to develop your personal relationship with them as well.

Ask more personal questions

Not every interaction has to be about work, even when you’re a business leader. Making it a point to ask personal questions like, “how was your weekend?”, or “how is your week going so far?” shows employees that you care about them as individuals and it helps develop a strong rapport with your direct reports.

While this may feel more forced at first, eventually these conversations will feel natural and we can bet that your workers will enjoy them and that it’ll help them to loosen up around you.

Support a cause together

Going out of your way to support a charity as a team is a great way to let your sincerity shine through. This should be a group decision and process that is initiated by a manager.

Asking your team for ideas of causes they would want to support and making the choice collectively is a great bonding activity, then volunteering together builds community, too.


Don’t over-polish responses

When you’re going into a team meeting or a one-on-one appointment, it’s always good to be prepared. However, you should not walk into a meeting with cookie-cutter, over-polished responses and phrases to use in mind.

Always be sure to actively listen to teammates and then formulate original and thoughtful responses in each conversation.

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Offer genuine compliments and positive affirmations

Everyone likes to be complimented, and that is especially true at work. Give thoughtful and meaningful compliments to teammates about what they do right in order to improve your relationship with them, improve morale, and to show your sincerity.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs are a great resource for helping you build strong relationships with direct reports. To work with the best PEO possible, contact us to learn more.

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