This pandemic has the power to divide America into those who have access to health care and those who do not. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen, but we can make decisions as a nation to move towards a more equal healthcare system. No American left behind! No one should die simply because they cannot afford help, or because the help they do have is insufficient. In 2017, over 30 000 Americans died because they couldn’t get help when it mattered most. Medical cost sharing could contribute to a viable solution for our nation.

The economy has taken a serious nose dive due to decreased demand and social distancing protocols. The major contributor to this economic downturn is simple – sick people can’t work. The only way to rebuild the economy is to build a healthy nation. 

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The State of our Health

Looking at the impact COVID-19 has had on the incomes of thousands of families, this situation is going to get a lot worse. As it stands, 66.5% of households that filed for bankruptcy between 2013-2016 cited medical expenses as a reason.  It is clear that we are at the stage where we can no longer wait for help to come from policymakers. Each and every person needs to commit to leading a healthy life for us to create a healthy nation.

Taking Ownership of Community Health 

We all need to take responsibility for our health. But, that’s easier said than done. How can we convince people to stop smoking, eat healthily, exercise, and wash their hands? It all sounds too much like hard work, doesn’t it? We need to be open and receptive to new ideas that may seem foreign or uncomfortable.

This is why we have to believe in the spirit of the American people. A bunch of small changes add up and make big changes. This is what we have to hope for. We have to hope that, if each one of us endeavors to make a small change in our health and encourage our friends and family to do the same, that somewhere along the line, we will make a difference. 

A Better Way 

The first major step towards a healthy America is ditching traditional health insurance. This may seem contradictory, but health insurance is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Firstly, the monthly premiums paid by members are exorbitant. These premiums are not the only thing that you are paying for. It’s crazy! Over and above these premiums, members are expected to pay deductible portions, co-insurance, and levies. The result is that you’re paying thousands of dollars more than you bargained for. 

After paying all of this money, you and your family are still not protected. There are often hidden restrictions on what they will pay for. Medical insurance companies will not cover medication unless it is a part of their formulary. In other words, if your doctor feels that a newer medication is needed for your treatment, you will have to pay for it yourself.

Medical insurance also restricts which providers you can go to. They call this your network. This is a list of doctors and other health care providers that the medical insurance will pay for you to see. If you need to see somebody outside of this network,  you are liable for high penalties – if they’ll pay at all.

If a medical emergency arises with you or your loved ones, you need to know that your best interests will be looked after. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic when you or your family could get infected. But, what about after the pandemic has passed? The same still stands. You or anyone you love could have a medical emergency. You need to be able to trust that when that happens, your family will be able to cope with the costs. 

It’s clear that traditional medical insurance is no longer serving our community. There is a better way: paying cash with medical cost-sharing. Insurance takes 40-50% in overhead and profits to pay for healthcare – cash has no overhead or profit attached. As opposed to medical insurance companies, medical cost-sharing is community-driven, not profit-driven. We need to be open to innovation and new ideas because clearly, our current system is not working.

Know Your Rights 

Always, always make sure that you ask for an itemized bill. In this way, you can check that there are no mistakes. Ensure you are getting what you are paying for. The Medical Billings Advocates of America estimates that over 80% of Medical Bills have mistakes. You can bet your bottom dollar that these aren’t always in your favor. You are well within your rights to ask for an itemized bill, so you can catch these mistakes. 

You are also within your rights to negotiate the price of care with your healthcare provider. There are also patient advocates who will do this on your behalf. 

How Medical Cost Sharing Works

Members join a community dedicated to healthy living. Each member pays a contribution to a shared community fund. When a medical need arises, the fund then pays the lion’s share of the costs. Leaving the member with only a fraction of the total costs – their initial unshareable amount. Plus, this is all done in cash! So you won’t have to worry about overheads and you won’t get pushed around by insurance brokers. 

At Scoop Health, we will go to the wars for you. We negotiate better deals for our clients when they have major medical needs and demand that any mistakes are corrected. 

The best thing about medical cost sharing is that it is centered around the community. The healthier the community, the better. This is why Scoop Health will take care of expert second opinions, vaccination, and disease prevention, as well as telemedicine. Best of all, there are no networks. You can see anybody you want. Our goal is to make affordable, quality healthcare a reality for you, your employees, and your family.  

There needs to be a commitment to the community that you are going to endeavor to be healthy. As Americans, we need to commit to keeping ourselves well in order to rebuild our nation after this disaster. Your health is your patriotic responsibility. 

Business owners are saving up to 50% with Scoop Health’s medical cost sharing community. During this turbulent time, it’s not only important to save every penny, but to look after your staff’s wellbeing. As an employer, you have probably been made acutely aware of how important your employee’s health is to your operations.  

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