[aa_subtitle_display]Over time, it’s inevitable that businesses change as they evolve and grow. However, one thing you undoubtedly do not want to change is the fact that employees are sufficiently representing the values that your company stands for and was built upon.

While the culture of a company is bound to change as a company grows, that does not mean you want the values that your company stands for to be shed, but instead you aim for them to become even more prominent and defined throughout the years.

A question that many business owners and CEOs face is whether or not the employees that make up their organization are adequately representing the values that their organization wants to convey to its clients, customers, and the rest of the world.

So even as your company grows, how do you ensure that your values are being upheld, all while keeping morale up and ensuring that the company culture adjusts and evolves to support the growth of the business? Here are a few ways to make sure your company sticks to its roots.


How to Keep Your Company’s Values Intact

Clearly define your values

The more clearly defined the values of your company are, the better the chances are that your employees will mirror them.

Introduce all new employees to these ideals during their onboarding, host events, training sessions, and townhalls that center around the values you wish to instill, and make them a part of your company’s day-to-day.

Ingraining these into the minds of those you work with makes it hard for them to fall off the radar.

Create a mentor program

In order to help ensure that newer employees are being correctly molded to fit your company’s overarching values, a mentor program can be helpful.

Having older employees mentor newer ones not only helps instill these ideals, but is a great way to create a deeper sense of community and to give more tenured employees a chance to take on a leadership opportunity.

Encourage mentors to grab lunch with their mentees, attend company events with them, and help them work through obstacles they face in their early days in their new role.

Pairing people from different teams or departments is a great way to help individuals get to know each other, too!

Ensure managers have great relationships with their employees

Instilling values is grounded in the relationships that are built within the office. Pushing managers to have regular touch-bases with their direct reports – particularly newer employees – can help them to verify that their employees are strong culture and value carriers within the office.

The more in sync managers are with their direct reports the better briefed they will be on problems and the more in-tune they will be with their teams, able to identify anyone that might not be a values fit earlier in the game.


How a PEO Can Help

PEOs understand the importance of retaining the values within your organization. They can be helpful in navigating the waters of evolving companies and the growing pains that come along with that.

To find the PEO that would best fit your company, call us today to discover your best match.

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