[aa_subtitle_display]Podcasts are a huge trend nowadays – with highly popular varieties out there for almost all interests, many have topped the charts and left listeners intrigued.

And although they’ve been around for about a decade, podcasts as a whole have really seen their biggest uptick in popularity in the past couple years. So what does this mean to you?

Well, as a business leader, there are many podcasts that you could be taking advantage of in order to become a better executive and a more well-rounded and knowledgeable resource for your peers overall. We’ve narrowed it down to some favorite picks below.


Best Podcasts for Business Leaders

Dose of Leadership

This is something truly dynamic, interesting, and informative. On this podcast, host Richard Rierson shares his own background, which is quite diverse.

He was a Marine, commercial pilot who began flying, coincidentally, on September 11, 2001, and a corporate executive. Combines with discussing his own experiences, he interviews leadership experts and icons who “pursue excellence, truth, and common sense”.

This serves to provide valuable lessons from a myriad of sources. Plus, it’s fun to hear from people outside your industry to gain a new perspective!

The Bottom Line

Hosted by Evan Davis, this is a podcast that is actually a radio show, distributed through the method of a podcast. Produced by BBC, this serves as a panel discussion with various business leaders.

On the show, they discuss a range of topics – such as how companies prosper over time and changing climates, new management concepts, and the impact changing and evolving technology has on businesses. We love this podcast because the topics apply to so many different industries and businesses, because they are incredibly universal and prominent.

Manager Tools

For anyone who is frequently faced with management or HR issues, this podcast is a great resource. Hosted by Michael Auzenne and Mark Hortsman, this show delves into tough management issues that can be tricky to handle that that require sensitivity. It also tackles the topic of how to advance your business and career as a whole.

Manager tool

Entrepreneur on Fire

This is a highly motivational podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas. Here, you can expect to hear inspirational interviews with renowned entrepreneurs as well as their motivational stories of how they navigate the world of owning and running a successful business.

These ideas and stories serve to provide advice that is easily applicable to your own business, making it worthwhile to listen to as it proves to be a great learning experience with advice that you won’t soon forget.

The world of podcasts is vast, so these are just a few to consider. But, they happen to be our favorites. The great thing is that podcasts are so easily accessible and provide a great “break” during the workday as you listen to them – but they are also useful and educational.

We highly recommend checking some out to hear new perspectives that could increase your management skills and efficiency.

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