[aa_subtitle_display]While you probably have never heard of “boomerang employees”, they are allegedly on the rise and a growing trend in the workplace. Personified by an employee who leaves a job and then later returns and is rehired to the same company, Forbes reports that this is a rising trend in the workplace and that more and more companies are hiring back old workers.

In fact, they noted that a recent study showed that 85% of HR professionals who were surveyed said that former employees have applied for jobs at their old company, and furthermore that 40% report that their business hired about half of those former employees again.

You are probably asking yourself why this even matters. Well – there are, surprisingly enough, an array of benefits to hiring back an employee that once worked for you.

Before we divulge that information, it is important to recognize the different types of “boomerangs”.

First, there are those that left in order to advance their career. Perhaps a new opportunity came their way and they thought it was the best career decision for them to take it.

Next, there are those that were looking to change their career path all-together, for whatever reason.

Finally, there might be some that were forced to leave given a life-event – like a spouse getting a job in a new city or an employee that decided to stay at home with their young children in lieu of continuing his or her career.

These are all normal reasons for people leaving companies in an amicable fashion that does not reflect upon their performance at the organization, thus it makes sense that you would consider them for rehire.

So, what are the benefits of hiring someone back?

First and foremost, hiring someone that previously worked for you can be a big money saver. Not only does re-hiring someone you already know take the cost out of a long, drawn out recruiting process, but it also reduces training and ramp up time once the employee is back on board.

When you hire someone who you have a history with, you are effectively eliminating the risk in the hire – you already know, understand, and trust this person to do what is most important to you – make your business successful.

Also, you know that they are a fit for the work environment and culture, as they at one time already accustomed to it and proved to be a match.

Finally, you are probably wondering how your PEO can help you make these hires as they arise. Many companies currently have policies against rehiring old employees, in fact

– so this is something your PEO can help you rectify as needed.

Additionally, your PEO can be there to help facilitate these rehires where they are right for your organization. To get a free analysis of 3-5 leading PEOs for your company, contact us to learn how they help make processes such as these easy and painless as they take the work out of it for you, the employer.

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