The number one concern on most people’s minds is health. Our paranoia over our health has made us overlook what happens when we do get sick. The cost of healthcare is high, and your employees may not be able to afford to pay for their medical bills. The world is currently experiencing a financial crisis because of the pandemic. As such, your employees would appreciate any form of help during these trying times. Take a look at our medical cost sharing tips to see why this is becoming a popular way to give your employees the means to pay for their medical bills. 

Medical cost sharing

There are ways you are able to show your employees that you still care. Medical cost sharing is a great way to assist your employees with their medical bills. These are some tips you can use to help them through these times:

1. Pay For a Telemedicine Membership

Telemedicine has become a very popular option for receiving healthcare. This is especially true in light of the social distancing regulations that have resulted from the pandemic. Telemedicine allows people to get consultations from doctors from the comfort of their own homes. 

With telemedicine, your employees avoid taking time away from work. Depending on the cost structure, they could receive the services for free. And the best part: no sitting in germ-infested waiting rooms.

You can provide your employees with telemedicine as a standalone benefit. This low-cost solution offers your employees the medical attention they need. And best of all, their daily activities go uninterrupted. Medical cost-sharing from Scoop Health includes unlimited TelaDoc virtual visits and, most importantly: they’re free. 

2. Help Employees to Use Multiple Rx Programs for Medications

More often than not, the most expensive part of healthcare is medication. What most people don’t realize is that paying for your medication in cash is usually the cheapest option. Another money-saving hack is taking the time to explore the pharmacies in your area. Your employees can save by comparing the prices of the medications they are looking for. 

Convenient applications such as GoodRx have been created to make price checks easier for your employees. Once again, this tool is free and helps your employees to save money on their prescriptions. GoodRx states that you can save up to 80% on most FDA-approved brand name and generic drugs. 

With medical cost-sharing, your employees gain access to resources that help them save. Click here to find out how to save money on prescription drugs with medical cost-sharing.

3. Pay for a Direct Primary Care Membership With Medical Cost Sharing

You can pay a standard monthly fee for your employees to access unlimited healthcare with direct primary care.  Doctors avoid wasting their time filling in unnecessary paperwork with direct primary care. Instead, they are able to focus on giving your employees the medical attention they need. 

With traditional insurance, your employees could go for a consultation and not know how much they need to pay for it. Direct primary care memberships have set fees and no hidden costs. Your employees would have access to their doctor during off-hours via call, text, or video. Because there is no third party, extra tests, x-rays, and medications are cheaper than they would be with traditional insurance. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, you can give your employees all these perks as part of a medical cost-sharing membership from Scoop Health. 

4. Provide Virtual Primary Care With Medical Cost Sharing

Virtual primary care has the same perks as direct primary care. But added to that is the fact that your employees can have consultations with doctors on virtual platforms. Virtual primary care gives your employees a much more personal service. With telemedicine, your employees are placed in a pool and treated by different doctors. With virtual primary care, your employees get to see the same doctor every time. 

Virtual primary care is a service that is also provided for by medical cost-sharing. And the savings accrue to you and your employees. 

5. Help Employees Locate Digital Mental Health Resources

The isolation that has arisen as a result of social distancing has created a surge in mental health conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have a psychologist on call. Digital mental healthcare has been developed to provide psychological care to those in need – from the comfort of their homes. Digital mental health resources are also a means to provide psychological services to people in remote areas.

Contrary to popular belief, there are various digital mental health resources that are available for free. These websites offer free mental health services:

  • MentalHealth.Gov
  • The CDC
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness


In times like these, where it feels like the world’s pressures are heavier than usual, your employees would appreciate these services. You can show them you still care by sharing these services with them. Medical cost-sharing is an affordable way to cover the cost of these resources for your employees. 

6. Sponsor Online Exercise Programs

Before social distancing regulations, your employees may have exercised or enjoyed morning runs. Quarantine has left people feeling trapped and unable to stick to their exercise routines. But thankfully, new apps have been developed to help your employees exercise from home. 

For a very small fee, you can sponsor different online exercise programs for your employees. Some of the apps that are available include Aaptive, Zwift, and Nike Training Club. 


This subscription-based service offers your employees workouts and meditation sessions. For as little as $99, your employees have access to high-quality exercises to stay healthy. 


This online app that allows cyclists and runners to become a part of a global community. Zwift brings realistic outdoor features into your home exercise routines. Best of all, it is available 24 hours a day.

Nike Training Club

This app provides exercise tips as well as nutrition advice for your employees. Sessions range between 15 – 45 minutes so that your employees can exercise every day and still continue to be productive. 

With medical cost-sharing from Scoop Health, healthy lifestyles are encouraged. We provide a range of resources to help your employees stay healthy during these times. 

7. Suggest Diet and Immune Resource

Diet plays a significant role in keeping healthy. More often than not, diet is an underestimated factor of a healthy lifestyle. With your employees spending more time at home, they have more time to make home-cooked meals. But this doesn’t mean that they have as many ideas as they would need. These are some of the options that are available to them:

  • DoorDash, Instacart: Food delivery services
  • LocalHarvest.org: App that connects local farmers and produce to local clients 
  • Eat Local First: Shows the different restaurant specials that are available in your area for curbside pick-up or delivery
  • HelloFresh, Home Chef, Sun Basket, Freshly: Deliver parcels with ingredients and recipes so that your employees can cook fresh meals for themselves at home. 


Medical cost sharing with Scoop Health takes a more holistic approach. With us, it’s not just about healthcare, but we also prioritize wellness of the body and the mind. 

8. Provide Medical Cost Sharing

The biggest relief that you can provide for your employees is affordable access to high-quality healthcare. Medical cost-sharing allows you to do just that. With medical cost sharing, you and your employees save between 30 – 60% on medical expenses. Medical cost sharing allows your employees to become part of a community that helps them to pay for their medical bills when they need it. Over one million Americans are choosing this option and experiencing visible savings.

Scoop Health: Always Prepared with Medical Cost Sharing Tips

Scoop Health are leaders in the medical cost-sharing industry. In addition to all the savings, we also have a wealth of resources that your employees have access to. We encourage our medical cost sharing community to live healthy lifestyles. This means fewer overall visits to the doctor, but more money for your employees when they really need it. Medical cost sharing is the affordable alternative of the future. So what are you waiting for? Sign your employees up for medical cost sharing today. 


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