[aa_subtitle_display]An engaged workplace helps increase productivity. Organizations with a higher level of engaged workforce report 22% increase in productivity.

Although this has now been proven beyond doubt, one of the most important things that most companies need to learn is that employee engagement does a lot more than just boost productivity.

A common mistake that most companies do is to equate personal satisfaction as engagement. This results in missing most of the behavioural signals that show low engagement.

Do you know that less than one-third of the American workforce is engaged in their jobs?

This statistic has remained consistent since 2000 and is a clear indication that not much has been achieved by companies in real terms. The losses are too “staggering” and cannot be ignored if companies want to achieve success.

Most disengaged employees are indifferent to their jobs and sleep walk through the workday. They are not concerned about their performance or that of the organization. This attitude and behaviour affects others at the workplace and within no time, negativity starts to seep in the organization. Productivity goes down as employees are not motivated to do their best.

Individual workers at the workplace should understand their jobs and how the work they do can contribute to the success of the organization. Engaged workplaces promote many positive outcomes that are good for customers and employees.

Organizations that are highly engaged have a higher level of success than those that are less engaged.

  • Low absenteeism and turnover
  • Low turnover organizations report 65% lower turnover whereas high turnover organizations report 25% lower turnover. The engagement factor truly becomes noticeable.
  • Improves quality of health and work
  • 48% less safety incidents
  • 41% less patient safety incidents
  • 41% less quality defect incidents

When employees are engaged they do things differently. They tend to be more “attentive and vigilant”. They also look out for other employees at the workplace and this can help build team spirit. An engaged employee constantly looks at ways to improve his/her performance.

They always want to give their best to the organization and collaborate better with others.

Engaged employees develop their workplace skills and grow and also engage well with other team members. When employees can make the best use of their talents they are encouraged to learn new skills and apply them for the success of the organization. As productivity increases so does profits.

PEOs can help companies see the relationship between employee perceptions and actions in critical areas (customer satisfaction, sales and attrition).

This can help in gathering and analysing data on the job behaviour pattern at the workplace. Data on each individual employee can help the organization make any changes if necessary.

Organizations may also be able to keep track of employee engagement changes and how it affects the workforce. The holistic approach that PEOs provide to understanding engagement may provide a detailed insight into what makes the workforce do their best.

This can help companies understand their employees in a better way and not miss out on the many benefits of an engaged workplace.

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