[aa_subtitle_display]As we have mentioned on our blog before, technology is constantly changing and evolving in today’s day in age. And, the fact of the matter is that your business probably feels a lot of pressure to keep up. One of the aspects of your company that requires up-to-date technology is your conference rooms. Since your employees spend so much time in meetings, this is definitely something to think of.

The stats

Recent studies show just how much time American workers spend in meetings, and the numbers are staggering! According to High Five’s blog, business people in the United States hold approximately 11 million meetings per day, equating to 55 million meetings each week and a whopping 220 million meetings each year. Wow! That is a lot of time in conference rooms, to say the least.

To push it even further, the overall amount of time employees across the nation spend in meetings has risen approximately 10% each year since 2000 and the average meeting length is between 31 to 60 minutes.


Why is technology important to meetings?

Technology is beginning to play a bigger and bigger role in meetings in the office. Blue Jeans reports that 25% of office meetings have one or more video call participant and 35% of meetings include at least one conference room system. Having up-to-date conference room capabilities can make a large difference to your employees and allows them to better connect with colleagues or business contacts that are not physically in the same place.

Having the ability to connect face-to-face allows employees to interact with people on a deeper level, have more effective meetings, and can also permit the sharing of further materials and data in an interactive way.

Technology that allows for easier and more effective connects with those even outside of the connection can also save your business money. The US Travel Association reported that in 2015, business men and women spent a total of $296.3 billion on domestic and international travel. They also stated that U.S. residents completed “459 million trips” for business purposes in 2015.

Eliminating even some of the business travel expenses that your company incurs on a yearly basis could save you a great deal of money, while still allowing employees to seamlessly connect with colleagues in other offices or those in other areas. Furthermore, this promotes a healthier work-life balance by requiring less business travel.


How your PEO can help

Given the fact that the busier time for meetings is approaching

– as meeting activity reportedly doubles in the winter compared to the rest of the calendar year –

this could be the perfect time to consider ramping up your conference room technological abilities. Through your complimentary competitive analysis, we can help you determine which PEO would be the most helpful to you and your business in assisting to plan, implement, and utilize technological advancements to save your company money and increase productivity.

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