This year’s open enrollment period closes on December 15, and the pressure is on to make a decision. Learn about an affordable and flexible alternative with Scoop Health.

Halloween is finally behind us and we’re steadily heading towards Winter. For small business owners, self-employed people, independent contractors, and franchisees, we’re now closing in on one of the actual scariest seasons of the year. That’s right. It’s open enrollment time. 

Open enrollment ends in less than a month. By 15 December you’re supposed to have been through all the literature and quotations and have finalized your group health benefits plan design for the next 12 months. 

For most of us, 2020 has been a red-hot mess. And I think it’s safe to say that open enrollment is going to follow suit. This year, open enrollment is going to be an expensive mad-dash like never before. 


What’s Wrong With Open Enrollment?

While some of us are still trying to navigate working from home, others are returning to the workplace haphazardly. Daily operations have never been so challenging. Between the mixed messages and adjustable guidelines we’re receiving daily, group health plans have probably been the last thing on your mind. 

But do you know who has been thinking a lot about their healthcare benefits this past year? Your employees are scared. 

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that we all need to make provisions for our health while the going is still good. If you wait for disaster to hit, there’s no saying what the repercussions could be. 

But here’s the thing. Why should there be a mad rush to procure a group health plan and other such employee benefits? These are the types of decisions that are amongst the most important you make on a yearly basis. Everyone has a lot riding on the choices that you make.  

When it comes to health insurance and open enrollment, you’re forced into making a very complex and expensive decision far too quickly. With many options being presented to you by your insurance broker and none of them are exactly right for every employee. You barely have the time to understand the differences between them before it’s time to sign the dotted line. Then you get to hear complaints from your employees all year about how the deductible is too high or their doctor is no longer in the network.  

Procuring healthcare benefits for your staff is a highly consequential decision. Employee Health benefits can drastically impact your success in business. You need great health benefits to attract, reward, and retain good people.  And waiting until open enrollment does not allow you the time to consider all your options as carefully as you should or your employees would like. 


Is Traditional Health Insurance the Best Fit for You Anyway?

The problem with being bamboozled into picking a health insurance package during an open enrollment period is that it’s like having a gun to your head. You don’t get the chance to consider whether there are better options out there. 

You and your employees each have specific health needs, and you shouldn’t be forced into any arrangement that doesn’t cater to them. An open enrollment period forces you to pick a plan with only a couple of choices for employees no matter what their personal health situation is.

What most employers truly want, and need is a healthcare plan that your employees will see as a true ‘benefit’ that they can appreciate. Especially since you spend so much on health benefits to try to keep your employees safe and on the payroll. 

In the wake of the health crisis, the cost of group health insurance is going to be even more overwhelming this year. That’s going to be difficult for those that were hardest hit by the crisis. So many people have lost their jobs. Many businesses have closed down. Some industries are not even operational yet so their future is in jeopardy. 

With all of this pressure on the economy, open enrollment season might be even more surprising for many. Health insurance premiums are expected to rise again and will be daunting for most of us. Many more people will be going without coverage this year. 

The problem with traditional health insurance options is that they offer your entire workforce a one-size-fits-all plan. Employees vary in age, gender, health, wellness, priorities, and many, many other ways. So why would the same healthcare insurance suit them all?

If your employer’s health benefit plan isn’t tailored to fit your individual needs, you might not end up using it all that much. You certainly would not appreciate it very much. This is true for a lot of healthy people out there. We spend all this money on health insurance, and we never end up using it. And how often do you see employers getting premium refunds for unused health benefits? Nope, they don’t offer that during open enrollment season, do they? 


Is There Anything You Can Do, Like Changing  Mid-Year?

A lot of people sign up for health insurance during open enrollment and wonder all year long, “Am I stuck with this health insurance for the rest of the year?” The answer is NO. You can actually cancel health insurance at any time throughout the year. The only problem is, if you cancel halfway through the year, you will need a better alternative to replace it with.? 

An Alternative That Lets You Decide What’s Best

Medical cost sharing is healthcare based on a community paying large bills instead of health insurance. In our cost sharing community, health insurance firms and insurance brokers don’t get to call the shots. There are no network restrictions and our members are free to get the care they need, wherever they are and from any provider they choose. There is no penalty for that like there is with health insurance. 

The best part? Sedera doesn’t have a restricted open enrollment window. You can drop your health insurance and enroll at any time, all year long. This means you can join up whenever you finally decide that health insurance just isn’t working for you anymore. . And you can take as long as you need to make your decision.

More About Scoop Health Medical Cost Sharing, Powered By Sedera

If you want to find out more about Scoop’s medical cost sharing community and what we can offer you and your employees, check this out. We can help you design an employee health benefit that your employees will appreciate. We can also help you to calculate how much you will be saving. 

Instead of sticking your employees with paying a huge annual deductible, members of our cost-sharing community pay an initial unshared amount as low as $500.  After that, all the medical bills for any incident are fully shared by the community. 

We can also offer families unlimited everyday care with a 1:1 doctor of their very own. Direct Primary Care is an exciting new membership-based primary care membership. Among the benefits, it gets you unlimited access to your own personal doctor, as well as low-cost labs, x-rays, and medications all for one low monthly membership rate. This is great for episodic sickness, but also for managing chronic illnesses and true health-related matters too.

Sedera members with approved DPC or Virtual DPC even get a monthly membership discount to help pay for it.  Scoop Health can help you find the best DPC and VDPC options available in your area. 

Time For Change 

It’s becoming obvious that the health of everyday hard-working Americans like you and me are at the mercy of the big profit-minded insurance companies. It’s also becoming clear that the current health insurance options  aren’t catering to everyone’s needs. It turns out that most people who are generally healthy hardly ever use the insurance due to the high deductibles and coverage limits. 

That’s not what we believe in at Scoop Health. We believe in the community helping each other get the care they need and paying the bills when things get expensive.  Instead of limits and restrictions, we believe in helping you find the best option for employees as individuals with very different needs. 

Don’t stress about open enrollment. Take your time with Scoop Health, and carefully consider how you can make a better choice and save money today. 


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