[aa_subtitle_display]Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new and innovative way of primary care physicians providing healthcare. Rather than working through an insurance model, as most practices do, DPC provides patients with a hands-on care model that doesn’t require any insurance payments, co-pays, or the filing of claims. Instead, patients pay a monthly retainer in order to receive a “membership” to the practice, and in turn are granted unlimited doctors visits.

There are a range of benefits to this model of healthcare, and one of them is that those who are enrolled in a DPC model are more likely to have higher patient engagement levels with their doctor. We discuss why this is as well as why it’s a good thing for you and your employees in this article, so keep reading!

It incorporates technology

As you’ve probably read in some of our other recent posts, the DCP model relies heavily on technology, as these doctors are commonly more communicative with their patients, and in what could be referred to as “unconventional” ways. They communicate not only through phone conversations, but also via email and text, making it simpler for patients to interact with their doctor more often.

incorporate technology

It’s typically just the doctor and patient

In traditional healthcare models, offices are flooded with staff: nurses, receptionists, doctors, and other administrative workers. In a DPC model, it rare for there to be an abundance of employees at the doctor’s office. This means that patients have more direct contact with their doctor, and thus are able to feel more comfortable with him or her.

They have longer appointments, receiving an abundance of face time together – which doesn’t necessarily happen at a regular practice. This means that patients are more likely to engage with their doctor in between visits as a more natural and organic relationship has been fostered.

doctor patient

Why this is a good thing for your business?

You’re probably wondering why heightened patient engagement at a doctor’s office is a good thing for your business. Well, when you offer your employees the option of participating in a DPC practice in your benefits package, they can be included in the lucky bunch that has an enhanced doctor-patient relationship and that receives more hands on healthcare.

That means that your employees are more likely to stay healthy or get better quicker when they experience illness. In turn, your business will suffer from less employee absences, saving you money and helping you to capitalize on their steady and uninterrupted flow of productivity.

More engaged patients are more likely to receive the care of doctors when they need it and to attend regular wellness visits. Healthy and happy employees can only mean good things for you and your organization, so call us today to learn more about this method of healthcare and how you can offer it as a part of your benefits package. We have the knowledge you need and the expertise to help you implement HR changes at your organization, so rely on us to take care of it all!

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