[aa_subtitle_display]Promoting a sense of community in your office is a great way to create a better environment that encourages employees to be happier and for retention rates to go up.

Most people spend more than half of their waking hours at the office during the week, meaning that their co-workers are a vital part of their lives.

Facilitating a sense of community contributes to a strong office culture that can give your company a great reputation and keep the costs of recruiting and training down

– which is a huge savings for you as a business owner. While creating a strong community may seem like a tall order to fill, there are many small and easy measures you can take to create meaningful relationships and positive bonds.

Easy Ways to Promote Community in your Office

Plan frequent casual group events

Giving your employees the opportunity to spend time together outside of the office is an easy and fun way to promote strong relationships. Not every event has to be planned to the max and company sponsored, either.

Impromptu happy hours or outings are a great way to get smaller groups together and allow people to get to know each other better.

The more comfortable people feel with each other the better their work relationships will be and, in turn, it will be a stronger office culture.


Open the lines of communication

As the leader of your business, you set the example. Being an open and honest communicator will set the tone for your employees that you expect the same of them.

Show them that you are willing to have conversations around conflict as they come up and that you will provide “transparency” on the happenings of the office.

This will spur them to do the same within their own teams and among each other, allowing for better relationships and more productive workers overall.

Recognize employees who demonstrate company values

Recognition among employees is an important step to building a strong community. Building an organization based off of core values and finding people who encompass those is the best sure-fire way to attracting the kind of talent and personalities you want to make up your business.

Publicly recognizing when employees demonstrate those values is an easy way to motivate other employees to do the same and can inspire camaraderie around the office. You can do this through emails, awards, or incentive programs.


How Your PEO Can Help

Your PEO can be helpful in inspiring new ways for you to promote a strong sense of community in the workplace, as they have the tools and experience to figure out what will work best for your organization.

Through our complimentary competitive analysis, we can help place you with the PEO that best matches the needs of your company and will effectively understand your employees and organization in order to best help build relationships and build your office culture.

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