[aa_subtitle_display]While we recently blogged about how to effectively manage an introvert, many times it is overlooked that extroverts need to be managed a particular way as well. Many perceive them as “easier” to manage because they are more outgoing and perceivably more upfront, but that is not always the case.

An extrovert is defined as, “an outgoing, overtly expressive person”. While at first glance this personality type can seem easy to manage, they should not be overlooked and should be treated with care and thought. Take a look at the best tactics to use in managing them here.

Extrovert vs introvert

Effective Ways to Manage Extroverted Employees

Don’t treat them like a joke

While extroverts tend to be open and have a fun-spirited personality, it doesn’t mean that they should be treated like a joke when it comes to their job and managing them. Just because they crack jokes and are “funny” does not mean that they take work lightly, and they should not be treated as if they do.

Most take their work very seriously and appreciate being treated as such, and many can recognize that there is a time for joking and there is a time for work.

Create a versatile environment

Extroverts tend to enjoy and work best in environments that are ever-changing and versatile. It is how they feel comfortable. Providing them with this allows them to feel happy and satisfied by their working conditions.

They may like to work in different spaces, have music in the background to help them concentrate, mix up their work hours, or rotate between working from home remotely and working in the office. Letting them “mix it up” helps gel with their personality type and allows them to be as focused as possible.

Don’t be surprised if they are quiet

Just because someone has one personality type, it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to always be “on”. If they are quieter than usual, don’t automatically assume something is wrong or jump to a conclusion that they are in a bad mood. Accept the fact that people have ebbs and flows when it comes to their energy levels and take it in stride.

Don’t assume that they don’t have a knack for details

Many people associate being extroverted with being scatter brained and unable to tend to small details. However, this is a generalization that is not always true, thus unfair to place on every person with an outgoing personality in the workplace.

Assuming that someone does not have the proper structure, focus, or eye for detail can be offensive and would prevent them from getting assignments or projects that they may excel in, so it definitely should not be a rule of thumb.


How a PEO Can Help

A PEO is helpful in identifying personality types and tendencies among those in your office. Furthermore, they can help you understand the management needs for everyone on a personalized level. To find a PEO that will best work with your business, call us to receive a complimentary competitive analysis.

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