[aa_subtitle_display]An introvert is defined as “a shy, reticent person”. For a person with that personality type, it can be tough to break out of the “stigma” of being an introvert, especially when it comes to the working world.

There seems to be a preconceived notion that to get what you want and succeed in the working world, you need to be loud, powerful, and assertive. This notion is unmerited, as many times introverts can be just as successful if not more than those who are extremely extroverted.

This idea can also, oftentimes, result in managers and business leaders encouraging introverts to act more extroverted, which prohibits them from being their true selves in the office. However, good managers know that it is vital to tailor your management style to the individual you are working with to best suit their needs.

Read on to discover the best ways to manage an introvert on your team to set them up for success.

Effective Ways to Manage Introverted Employees

Don’t mistake their quietness for something else

It is not unusual to mistake an introvert’s quiet personality for something else – such as disengagement, boredom, or a bad mood. Have frequent conversations with your employee and get to know them, gaining an understanding of how they process information and of their personality as a whole so that you do not misinterpret their timidness in meetings or in the office.

Have frequent one-on-one touch bases

For those who are shier, this is the more effective venue to get them to give feedback and open up about their ideas, triumphs, and trials. Attempting to get introverts to have these conversations in a group setting is likely to be unsuccessful, will make them uncomfortable and, in many instances, more quiet – having an adverse effect.

Don’t ignore them

Just because someone isn’t as apt to speak up as others does not mean they should go ignored. It is easy for these personality types to fly under the radar, but as a manager you need to make a conscious effort to recognize them, seek them out, and have regular conversations.

Especially during a recruiting process, it’s important to pay attention to these individuals – people like Bill Gates and numerous millionaires are introverts – so certainly don’t write them off as unuseful at your company!

Give them time to process

Often, introverts take more time to process ideas, conversations, and so on, on their own than others do. After a meeting or discussion, give them a day or so to process the information internally before you discuss it with them.

This will lead to a more useful conversation and will also show them you are tailoring your style to meet their needs and way of thinking, which they are sure to appreciate.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs can help you to navigate the waters when it comes to managing all personality types that exist in your office. Remember it takes all kinds to make an organization successful. While we know that keeping employees happy and making your business successful takes guidance, support, and careful thought, we are here to match you with the PEO that best understands your needs and will be there to set you up for success every step of the way.

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