[aa_subtitle_display]Employee engagement is important if you want to maximize productivity at the workplace. When employees start feeling they are integral to the business they will do everything possible to help the business achieve success.

The sad fact is that employee engagement is not given enough attention by most organizations and this results in loss of productivity. The total economic loss is estimated to be $450 – $550 billion each year.

In spite of so many benefits of an engaged workplace, you may be surprised to know that many organizations still struggle to get it right. They either do too many things or completely wrong things and this can affect the entire workforce. A few simple changes can go a long way in encouraging engagement at the workplace.

Simple Steps to Increased Productivity at the Workplace


In most companies, employees at the workplace are often the last ones to learn about things that affect their work. The lack of communication from the top to bottom can lead to disillusionment and this has the potential to be highly disruptive. Such problems can be easily avoided if the organization follows two-way communication.

Managers and management must encourage employees to voice their opinions about things that affect them at the workplace so that suitable remedial steps can be taken to address these issues at the earliest. Good communication is a simple but effective way to show that the company cares about its workforce.


A good leader should not just tell employees what to do but also provide them a vision for success. The employees need to know what they are working for and how to achieve it. The job of the leader is to set the long term and short term aims of the company.

When people at the workplace know in clear terms what is expected of them, they may be motivated to work hard and increase productivity.


Leadership and management must not just communicate what they want to achieve but also follow-up on what needs to be done. In most organizations the short term and long term aims gets altered at regular intervals and this can lead to confusion at the workplace.

A confused workforce is less productive. If the company sticks to what it wants to achieve, it can lead to more productivity as the workforce knows what it has to achieve to attain success.


Employees need to feel that the work they do matters to the success of the organization. Managers with good management skills can make the employees understand the importance of the work they do and how it helps the organization fulfil its vision.

This can provide the necessary impetus to the employees to work to the best of their abilities.

PEOs can help simplify the entire process of employee engagement. The simplified processes can help the employees clearly understand their roles and how they need to fulfil it.

When each individual employee is able to see the connection between their work and overall organizational purpose, it creates greater level of engagement, resulting in increased productivity.

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