[aa_subtitle_display]We recently posted about the obstacles that, oftentimes, stand in the way of effective employee recognition in your office. But in this post, we wanted to focus on the different rewards you can supply your employees with that will make them feel appreciated and recognized.

These don’t have to be grand or costly gestures, but instead can be smaller measures that inspire a better sense of community and higher levels of employee satisfaction, which is always a good thing for your organization.

Take a look at our suggestions towards rewarding employees in a meaningful way that will increase the productivity in your office and that is sure to decrease turnover as well as costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training.

Employee Reward Ideas that Rock

Company branded items

Maybe this sounds silly and you’re thinking that your employees aren’t going to want items with your company logo on it, but this could actually be a fun and well appreciated reward.

Plus, haven’t you ever noticed the lengths people will go to for a free t-shirt?

Reward your team with custom pullovers that they can rock in or outside of the office or a coffee to-go cup that will quickly become their best friend. These items will increase the loyalty your employee feels towards your brand, and it’s likely to make them feel more “a part” of everything.

They will appreciate the gesture, and it will also serve as a mini-advertisement for your business around town. It’s a win-win!

Laundry service

Recognizing your employees’ dedication and hard work – some may argue – is best done through taking care of their chores. After all, no one wants to go home from a long day of work to deal with a huge heap of laundry.

When your employees have shown exceptional work, think of providing them with something out-of-the-box for a specific time span – be it a week or a month – with a laundry service.

This is something they’re bound to LOVE as it shows you value them and their time and want to do something to make a difference in their life and to bring them happiness. After their “reward” has run out, you can even look into offering the service (at a cost) as an employee benefit.

Laundry service

Team outing

Rewarding your team for a job well done or continuous hard work can become a community building event. Go out for happy hour or for lunch, or even do a fun activity together that will help people get to know each other.

Try something new like a wine and cheese pairing activity, a paint and sip class, or a paintballing excursion for a more adventurous bunch. You can make the outing a surprise or get the team involved in planning it, polling them to see what the most desired activity is.

Team outing

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rewards that will leave your employees with a smile on their faces. Look out for an upcoming article with more ideas they will be sure to never forget!

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