[aa_subtitle_display]Cold and flu season takes a toll on almost everyone each winter when it rolls around. With that being said, this can cause your business to take a hit in costs related to employee absences, leading to inefficiencies and a drop off in productivity levels.

WebMD reports that each year, between 5% and 20% of Americans contract the flu, leading to about 70 million missed work days across the nation. This results in between $3 to $12 billion of indirect costs for employers.

In the workplace, it is tough to stop the spread of germs. However, there are measures to be taken that can significantly assist in the efforts.


How to Promote Employee Health and Wellness During Cold and Flu Season

Offer flu shots

Offering flu shots at the office is an effective way to ensure that more employees will actually get the vaccine.

First of all, it makes it more convenient, since they can easily get it at the office rather than having to go to a health clinic, doctor’s office, or pharmacy to get the shot.

It also cuts down on the cost if you offer it to them for free or at a discounted rate.

Additionally, if your employees take advantage of company health care benefits, providing the vaccine allows the assurance that is covered by insurance, meaning they do not have to do that research themselves, saving them time.

WebMD reports that receiving the flu shot can reduce the risk of contracting the illness by 60%, making it well worth it.

Encourage sick employees to stay home

Providing your employees with sick days and encouraging them to stay home when they are sick can help mitigate the risk of illnesses spreading at your office.

Tell employees with symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough, headache, or muscle soreness to stay home and rest until the symptoms subside to prevent the spread of germs.


Provide hand sanitizer and keep the office clean

Having hand sanitizing stations around the office is more important than ever during cold and flu season. This can aid in “killing germs” that can be passed from person to person in the close quarters of the office.

Besides just the regular hand sanitizer, also provide wipes that kill germs so that employees may regularly clean germ infested areas, such as their desks or office phones.

Additionally, schedule extra cleanings during this season in order to kill germs that may be lingering around the office that can make more employees sick.


How Your PEO Can Help Keep Employees Healthy

Enlisting the help of a PEO over the winter season can help keep the health of your office up. PEOs have the tools, experience, and skills to help your office prepare for the germs that accompany the season.

We can help match you with the most fitting PEO for your office needs through our complimentary competitive analysis. Take advantage of it today to keep your employees well and to save your company money.

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