[aa_subtitle_display]The world of healthcare is ever-changing, especially when it comes to corporate healthcare that allows businesses to provide their employees with the benefit. While it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and trends in the field – even as a business leader – it’s important to have a baseline understanding of any relevant innovations or changes that affect the way your employees are insured.

After all, your benefit packages are a huge part of keeping your employees satisfied, which can make or break your retention rates. We know that you don’t want to drive up your hiring and recruiting costs, so we’ve rounded up a list of things that you no longer need to think about or consider when it comes to navigating healthcare trends and providing the best benefits to those working at your company.


It used to be so that corporate companies were easily swayed by more “fun” incentives offered by healthcare companies to utilize them in your benefits program. These incentives commonly included branded gear that acted as “freebies” for you and your employees. This could be anything from a t-shirt to a water bottle. And while these were certainly nice to receive, they’re no longer something that should be taken into consideration when making benefits decisions at your organization.

Month-long implementation programs

It used to be common for healthcare providers and employers to work together to utilize month-long implementation programs when they rolled out a new insurance policy or benefit. Sometimes, these could take up to six months to fully roll out. This is now a thing of the past and companies are no longer looking to participate in these long and drawn out roll-outs.

Now, it is much more common to speed things up, and providers that cannot be up and running with a company within 30 days aren’t even considered. Companies are looking to get health care programs instilled in a rapid manner, and business leaders no longer have the time to devote to a back-and-forth with a healthcare company. Time is of the essence!

Month long implementation program

Opacity around results

Employers used to be easily wowed by healthcare companies providing transparency into the results and data surrounding their company’s enrollment in the benefit plans. However, that being a sway factor is a thing of the past now. That’s because this transparency is now just assumed, as it is demanded, valued, and expected by employers that they will receive this data to use as they please within the HR department. Say so long to that being a selling point and just expect it automatically out of any provider you’re working with from here on out.


We can help you and your business find the healthcare provider or benefit plans that are most suited for your organization. We are experts on Direct Primary Care (DPC) and the world of everything HR, and we’re well-equipped to provide your business all the information it needs to make sound decisions. Call us today to learn more about the innovative programs we have expansive knowledge on!

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