[aa_subtitle_display]No matter which industry your company is a part of, you’re bound to have a “busy season” at some point throughout the year. Whether you’re in accounting, real estate, retail, marketing, or any other genre of work – it’s inevitable.

And when that time hits, it can undoubtedly get stressful for not only you and other business leaders within your organization, but for your employees.

But because this busy season is such a vital time – it can really make or break the profitability of your company for the year, after all – it is important to reduce the stress of those around you to ensure they are all being as efficient, productive, and high-performing as possible.

The bottom line is that the more stressed and overworked your employees become during this time, the more mistakes they are prone to making, the more internal conflicts that arise, and the less satisfied your employees will be with their job in general. The goal is to minimize all those things. Keep reading to learn how to do just that.

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Helping Employees Through a “Busy Season”

Be proactive

This is an extremely obvious point, but nonetheless it is worth regurgitating. Being proactive prior to busy season hitting is a vital step in minimizing the stress and extra hours that comes along with an inflow of work.

Meet early and often with key managers and players in the business to plan ahead and take lessons from years prior and apply them towards the season ahead, allowing you to learn from mistakes and evolve your processes ahead of time.

This will make all the difference and can severely minimize stress and frustration during the busiest time of the year.

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Make work more comfortable

Busy season is a great time to allow your people to be more comfortable. Especially when employees are working longer hours, you want them to be as happy as possible during their time there.

Temporarily ditch the strict dress code, allowing employees to be more laid back during their time in the office. It’s something small – but it’ll make a huge difference!

Make it fun where you can

While work can be stressful, you can add some fun and games in there as well! You don’t want the days to be a total drag, after all. Treat your employees as a reward for their hard work throughout the season with things like ice cream day, pizza parties, an in-office ping pong table and tournaments, or office competitions.

This will liven up your employees who are otherwise feeling drained, and it will also make them feel more appreciated for all of their dedication and work.

How a PEO Can Help

A PEO is a great resource to enlist the help of when it comes to planning for busy season and making adjustments as needed in order to make it more bearable. PEOs realize how necessary it is to keep employees happy and to retain the talent of your organization, so call us today to learn more about working with one!

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