[aa_subtitle_display]While open office floorplans seem to be becoming more and more popular, there are some ways that they affect employees that aren’t so stellar.

In fact, some of these effects are just plain harmful to the overall productivity of your office as well as the happiness and success of your employees. Take a look at some of these effects below in considering what the best floor plan design is for your organization.

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How an Open Office Floor Plan Could Affect Your Employees

It could adversely affect their memory

Especially in offices that practice “hotdesking” – which refers to an extremely open office space where no one has assigned seats and individuals can move around from place to place with their work materials and equipment – the memories of employees could be negatively affected.

Because working consistently in the same spot helps improve memory, this movement could cause a lapse in memory, which in turn could result in reduced productivity.

Memories are subconsciously “offloaded” into our surroundings, and being in that same spot where an idea first struck or where you were focusing on little details of a project could help retain those details.

It’s distracting

These types of floor plans can be cause for a lack of focus. Small distractions in an open office space are abundant – from a colleague’s ringing phone to another conversation happening alongside someone trying to focus on a project they’re working on independently.

According to BBC, after being distracted, it takes the average person 20 minutes to fully refocus. That could result in a large amount of time unfocused that could be better spent zeroed in on a project or initiative, resulting in money lost for your organization.


Collaboration may not be as effective

While many offices opt for an open floor plan in order to promote more collaboration and teamwork, findings reported by BBC show that this may not always have the desired effect.

According to the news site, nearly 50% of people with a completely open office floor plan, and nearly 60% of people in cubicles with low walls, are dissatisfied with their sound privacy, while only 16% of people in private offices said the same.

When working on a project as a team, sound privacy as well as the ability to focus are both important to the overall productivity of the group. Because you want to ensure that groups are spending their time as effectively as possible, this could present quite an issue.

How a PEO Can Help

When it comes to designing the look, feel, and layout of your office, we understand that you’re looking to promote productivity in conjunction with other qualities.

PEOs are helpful in partnering with HR managers and business leaders to best design your office to maximize productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction – all of which are very important to the success of your company overall.

To receive a complimentary competitive analysis to find the PEO best suited for your organization, call us today.

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