[aa_subtitle_display]Forbes reports that approximately 73% of Americans have at least one social media profile that they regularly use – a staggering statistic that points to only one thing – social media is a force that cannot be ignored.

But does that mean that it is right for your business?

Well, if you think so, there are several tactics and habits to make use of when you use the tools to maximize their effectiveness. See our best recommendations of how to efficiently use social media for your company here.


Best Practices for Company Social Media Accounts

Make personal connections with followers

Treating each follower like a client, customer, and most importantly a person is an important step in effectively managing a business social media account.

You want to show followers that you care about them and about the relationship you are facilitating with them via social media platforms.

Rather than focusing on the volume of followers you have, focus on the quality of the relationships with followers, measured by engagement.

You can measure this via the number of comments and shares you receive from your followers.

Interact with followers regularly

If you have social media accounts but fail to post or respond to interactions received on the accounts, there is no point in having them.

When people reach out to you on social media, it is vital to respond promptly and relevantly to show that you are willing to build the relationship with them.

After all, if people are reaching out to you on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram – they are yearning for and expecting a reply. Be sure to give it to them in order to build your reputation and relationship with that individual over time.

Be sure your posts vary

If you are in the market to sell a good or service, not all of your posts should be “salesy”. Regardless of what the goal of your organization is, the posts on your social media account should be varied in order to appeal to a wide range of followers and show that you are not there just to make sales or meet goals

– but to build relationships as well! Forbes notes that businesses should use the “5-3-2” rule on social media to maximize effectiveness.

This dictates that the numbers should align accordingly: five social media posts based on information from others that is relevant to your audience, three non-sales related posts based on your information that’s relevant to your audience, and two personal posts that aren’t business related to help humanize your brand or organization.

That ratio is supposed to be the sweet spot for appropriately promoting your business.


The Bottom Line

Social media is a powerful tool that can be utilized to reach a wide range of audiences. For your business, it’s important to utilize these best practices to get the most “bang for your buck” out of the tools.

Your PEO can help you get the most out of the platforms and give valuable insights of how it can be best used for your specific business. We can help you find the best PEO for your company through our complimentary competitive analysis – just call us today!

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