Unfortunately, it’s no secret that weight management is an issue in this country. According to NIDDK, over a third of adults (35.7 percent) are considered to be obese, with more than one in 20 adults having “extreme” obesity. Furthermore, almost three out of every four men (74 percent) are considered to be either overweight or obese. Being overweight or having obesity can, obviously, have extremely negative effects on one’s health.

The CDC cites that obesity puts individuals at an increased risk of having high blood pressure, having Type 2 Diabetes, suffering from a stroke or coronary heart disease, experiencing gallbladder disease, dealing with sleep apnea or other breathing problems, or just experiencing an all-around lower quality of life.

Not only do you not want your employees to suffer from these ailments for their personal well-being, but you also don’t want them to because it will come at a high cost to your company who is providing them with healthcare benefits. For that reason and many more, it’s more important now than ever for individuals to manage their weight.

Today, we’re going to discuss how Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians are helping their patients manage their weight, and just how beneficial that can be for your business.



Through increased contact and communication

With doctors in a more traditional insurance model, patients do not receive continued care in between appointments. And typically, patients may only see their doctor once a year for their annual check-up. That means that individuals aren’t experiencing much conversation or interaction with their physician.

Well, that is not the case with DPC doctors. Because these physicians are free from the burden of filing insurance claims, working through paperwork, and adhering to the guidelines and demands that insurance companies put on doctors, they have the freedom to be in closer contact with their patients.

DPC doctors are known to be in constant communication with their patients, whether it be on the phone, in email, or even via text message. This will help patients to manage their weight more effectively because their doctor will be reaching out about the topic, checking in on the progress, and giving advice.

Through support groups and weight loss programs

As mentioned above, DPC doctors have more flexibility in their schedules than that of other physicians. With that being said, many DPC doctors are starting weight loss programs to help their patients manage their weight more effectively, lose weight when they need to, and are helping them to actually keep it off.

These programs can be run in a variety of ways, but the bottom line is that patients are able to visit their doctor more regularly without worrying about surprise bills or lofty co-pays with each visit, which means that they’ll be more inclined to join the program and to stay committed to reaching a healthy body weight.

Support group weight loss program

This can benefit your business heavily, as healthier employees mean a reduced cost for your company to pay for employee healthcare. To learn more about how you can provide your employees with DPC health benefits and allow them these advantages and stellar care, call us to get all of the information and guidance you need.

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