[aa_subtitle_display]We’ve blogged before about the importance of wellness programs in your office, but we haven’t ever delved deep into the many advantages in store for your business when your employees are physically fit.

Amazingly, there exists a whole host of benefits for the overall health of your business when your employees exercise regularly, in addition to it making them happier and healthier individuals overall. This could be advantageous to your profit margins, office culture, and employee satisfaction rate.

Read on for more information on these upsides to be encouraged at your organization.


How Exercise & Fitness Improve Workplace Performance

It improves alertness

The more alert your employees are, the more productive they are bound to be throughout the day. Exercise promotes overall alertness through an increase of blood flow to the brain that occurs when you work out. This works to increase your awareness, contributing to more sharpness in working on an assignment or project.

It increases energy levels

An office full of exhausted and unenthusiastic employees is a recipe for disaster in the form of an unsatisfactory work and office life. Employees who regularly workout will have higher energy levels and thus be more engaged and put forth a greater output of effort on their day to day work.

It improves mental health and stability

Regular exercise is proven to help diminish levels of anxiety and depression. This is because exercise prompts the release of the chemical serotonin – which is responsible for sending messages from your brain to your body that stimulate mood and emotions (as explained by the University of Cambridge).

The more mentally healthy and stable employees are, the more productive they will be overall. They will also be able to deal with stress in a more effective way, allowing individuals to avoid conflict and require less help from managers to conduct business and diffuse problems.

It improves the immune system

Employees who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick, decreasing the number of sick days taken at your office. This is because exercises like power walking, weight lifting, swimming, as well as others increase the strength of your immune system and decrease the chances of individuals detracting illnesses like a common cold or even influenza.

It also decreases the chances of suffering from more prolonged illnesses such as type two diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. According to Forbes, poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion each year – which is a staggering number.

Of that number, $227 billion (39%) comes from the “lost productivity” that is a result of employee absenteeism due to illness as well as “presenteeism” – which is defined as when an employee comes to work but is ill and thus not as productive as usual.


How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can be helpful in assisting companies instill wellness programs that will increase the level of physical fitness in employees, causing your organization to reap the benefits listed above. Call us today to learn more about finding a PEO that will best work with your company.

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