[aa_subtitle_display]Especially amidst the holiday season, it is a time for generosity, giving, and kindness. After all, giving never goes out of style.

While we are frequently generous with our family and friends as well as towards those who are less fortunate than us and in need, are we typically generous towards our employees?

Sadly, there are times when they go forgotten, and end up wondering whether they are recognized and appreciated for all of their hard work in the office.

We know that you want your employees to be happy and satisfied with their jobs, and part of assuring that fact consists of making them feel appreciated as much as possible.

To do so, being generous does play a role. And, believe it or not, there are many little ways to do so without breaking the bank or utilizing too many time and resources.

Ways to Be Generous Towards Your Employees

Say it with food

Let’s be honest, everyone gets excited when there is any kind of free food in the office. Whether it be a dessert like gourmet cupcakes, a pizza party, or bagels for breakfast, it has a large effect on employee morale.

And, most importantly, it makes people feel appreciated.

Providing a meal or treat not only shows employees that you are grateful for them and all that they do for your organization, but it also provides an opportunity for people to come together in the office and socialize, building community and enhancing morale.

This does not have to be a grand gesture and can be something simple, but we guarantee it will make a difference!


Give a holiday gift or card

Even a small token of appreciation will go a long way with employees. A Starbucks gift card, a handwritten and personalized holiday note, company branded gear, or any other memento would be a great way to be generous in the office.

While people probably don’t expect a holiday gift, surprise them and do something special! Even just a personalized card on everyone’s desk can make a great impression and show that you care.

If your organization is too large to hand write every card, have managers do it for their individual teams.


Provide the gift of time

Another way to be generous towards employees is to give them more time in their schedule, particularly around the holidays, to spend with their family and friends.

If the scope of your business allows, shut down early the day before a holiday or even close down for an extra day to show your employees that you want them to have the time they need to enjoy the season.

This will make a strong statement that is a reflection of your values as a company and will surely be a crowd pleaser.

How a PEO Can Help

Your PEO can help you plan for expending generosity in your workplace and will help you understand the most effective and efficient ways to do so. It can be hard to find a PEO that will best understand your business, so call us to get the help you need being properly matched.

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