When you begin offering a new healthcare option in your benefits package like Direct Primary Care (DPC), it can be tough to figure out how to adequately and efficiently communicate the change to your employees. However, this is an important part of the process, and it’s exciting to tell your employees about a new benefit that they’re going to love!

To get their interests piqued and to ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as your benefits are concerned, follow the below steps to ensure that everyone understands what’s going on with your benefits packages!


Communicate Early and Often

There’s no reason to delay reaching out to your employees about a new benefit. As we mentioned above, it’s exciting! Show your employees that you’re doing something new and get them involved in the learning process early so that they have time to get on board with the new benefit.

Formally Announce the New Benefit

Once you’re ready to unroll DPC as an offered benefit in your office, you’ll want to formally announce it. Do this in whatever way will get the message across clearly so that everyone gains a full understanding of what the benefit is and why it’s a good thing for them to learn about.

Explain how they can get involved with it, who’s a good candidate for enrollment, and why your business has decided to begin offering it.

Have Information Sessions

You’ll want to allow for questions for your employees when they’re getting to know this new benefits offering. Have several information sessions to allow everyone the chance to come, ask their questions, and to learn what they need to in order to decide whether or not they want to enroll in DPC.

Have printed materials on hand, explain to them the benefits of a DPC experience, and ensure that you can point them in the direction of further information if it’s needed.

Information sessions

Connect Them with The Right Professionals

Once employees are enrolled in DPC after its initial rollout, you’ll want to connect them with the right professionals. This means that you should have a curated list of doctors and practices that are strictly DPC focused to direct your employees too.

They’ll love that you have the recommendations and information readily available and it’ll save them time, too, which they’re bound to appreciate.

These are the appropriate steps to a seamless and efficient rollout. Remember that any benefits changes can deeply affect your employees, as this is a huge part of their personal life and it’s very important to them.

To attain support in rolling out this new benefit and to learn more about offering DP in general, contact us for some knowledgeable and professional guidance!

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