[aa_subtitle_display]Employee retention can be a tricky thing, as you very well know as a business owner or leader. And while it may be tricky, that does not diminish its importance.

Because the cost of hiring, onboarding, and training new employees can be so steep, retaining top talent is more important to your organization now than ever. But what are the most effective ways to keep employees happy?

While there are many ways to do just that, a big contributing factor to the overall happiness of teammates is centered around how many opportunities are being offered to them in the workplace.

According to a DecisionWise survey, only 43% of those surveyed felt as if their employers provided attractive development opportunities. 81% of those polled stated that professional development is a shared responsibility between a manager and employee, meaning that part of the onus to helping employees grow is placed on you as the leader.

To help guide you towards providing your employees with an abundance of useful opportunities, we have compiled a list of different ways to do so. This will keep them happy and help them grow in a way that benefits them as well as your organization.


How to Give Your Employees More Opportunities at Work

Understand that different opportunities appeal to different people

Since not every employee is looking to develop themselves in the same way, development programs should be tailored towards different groups within your business.

While one employee may benefit from an HR course, another may get more value out of a presentation centering around teamwork or leadership skills.

Offer a diverse range of training opportunities so that everyone has a chance to participate in something that is applicable and interesting to them.

Allow employees to be vocal about what skills they would like to develop

A sure fire way to provide training and courses that allow employees to develop the way that they want to is to survey them regularly.

Understanding what training courses are in demand will ensure that your money is well-spent in providing them and it keeps employees happy, too. That is what we call a win-win!

This also will keep employees more engaged in the training sessions that they attend and will allow them to see that their voices and opinions matter around the office.

Advertise the opportunities you offer

Employees cannot partake in the opportunities offered if they don’t know about them. Send regular notices and reminders regarding the courses and programs offered in order to ensure high attendance rates and to prevent anyone from missing out on a development opportunity they might want to take advantage of!


Offer opportunities in different formats

In order to accommodate the busy schedules of your employees, don’t solely offer training courses that are live, in person presentations. Also offer tools and resources that employees can independently complete at their leisure to utilize their time effectively.

How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can help you implement the most effective development opportunities in your office. Since each organization is different, a PEO can customize the training programs to fit your needs.

Let us pair you with the PEO that will best understand the scope of your business and needs of your employees so that your costs are minimized and employee retention is maximized.

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