[aa_subtitle_display]While it is an unfortunate fact, humans tend to have a tendency towards pessimism that leads to negative thoughts and limiting themselves in many capacities.

Especially when it comes to their work life, people can possess an aversion to taking risks and may even be limiting themselves in ways they do not realize, prohibiting themselves from expanding their careers at the company they are working in.

As a business owner, you should value the growth and development of your employees, as the more they move forward the more satisfied they will be, increasing their happiness associated with their job and your organization. Often times, employees yearn for more but are too fearful to get themselves there and do not know the first step in the right direction.

As a manager or leader, you can help put them on the path towards growth. See our best tips for doing just that below.

Stop limiting

How to Help Your Employees Expand Their Careers and Stop Limiting Themselves

Understand where their limits are coming from

Many times, people set their own limitations based on ideas that they think to be facts, when in all reality they are not true at all. It is important that as a business leader you work with them on an individualized level to understand where these limitations are coming from, and then help them to break the stigma.

Perhaps someone thinks they can’t move forward and become a manager or that they don’t possess the appropriate traits to work on a big project that would set them ahead of the curve. These could be deep-rooted insecurities that your influence could help to burst through.

Go through their doubts step by step and provide evidence of the reasons you think the limits they have placed on themselves don’t exist and help them construct a plan to break them moving forward.

Help them weigh the tradeoffs

In life, there are always tradeoffs, especially when it comes to moving up in the world or at work. Perhaps a promotion would mean a lessened work life balance or less time to work on projects that they genuinely enjoy.

Working with your employees to, first of all, help them understand what the absolute tradeoffs would be, and second of all, help adjust those in a way that makes him or her more comfortable, can help them to see past the barriers and obstacles they thought they could never overcome.

Inform them of all of their options

Very rarely is there only one path forward in life. Most times, there are many to be chosen from. Sitting down with employees and getting them to understand all of the different paths they can take in their life could open their eyes to options they had never even thought of.

Just because someone doesn’t necessarily want to forge ahead on the path they think is next for them doesn’t mean that they can’t move forward and develop further. Showing someone all of their options is motivating and eye-opening at the same time.


How a PEO Can Help

PEOs work to help you push your employees to grow and develop in order to make your business more successful. Finding the right PEO, though, can be a challenge. That is why we are here to make this burden easier and place you on a quicker path to happy employees and a productive and efficient business place. Call us today to receive your complimentary competitive analysis.

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