[aa_subtitle_display]It’s about that time of year where people start thinking of their resolutions and start setting goals for what they would like to change and achieve in 2017.

While many people set resolutions at the beginning of each new year – in fact, Forbes states that 40% of Americans do, which is more than the one third of Americans that annually watch the Superbowl.

But along with that statistic, Forbes also cites that only 8% of that group will actually achieve the goals that they set out to reach in the beginning of the year.

This is undoubtedly a small number, leaving many individuals wishing they had taken further measures to realize the ambitions they had hoped to meet.

In 2017, be a helpful force in the life of your employees as they set new goals for the year ahead. Here is how you can do it.

How to Help Your Employees Keep their New Year’s Resolutions

Implement a fitness or health challenge

Statistic Brain reveals that 38% of all New Year’s resolutions are related to the yearn to lose weight. With that being said, starting a fitness or health challenge in your office is a great way to hold people accountable to achieving their goals centering around weight loss and fitness.

A steps challenge or biggest loser competition are just a few of the fun ideas you can implement with your team or organization as a whole.

Another way to make it helpful is to change the theme each month to help individuals stick to it the whole year through and to keep the competition from getting “stale” or boring.


Provide wellness benefits

Providing employees with wellness benefits such as subsidizing a gym membership fee is a great way to promote health and wellness and allow employees to achieve goals relating to fitness.

This is a straightforward way to provide support for employees who are looking to lose weight or be healthier overall.

Provide development opportunities

Coming in at an even more popular category for resolutions than losing weight is self improvement or education related resolutions, coming in at 47% of all resolutions relating to this category.

Since this is a top contender, it’s important to support those efforts of employees in your office. To do so, offer an abundance of learning and development opportunities throughout the year.

These can be both related to work and along a more personal vein, too. Providing access to training sessions, webinars, info sessions, presentations, and workshops allows employees to expand their knowledge and work on improving themselves and their education level, bringing them closer to meeting their goals.


How a PEO Can Help

A PEO is a great resource when it comes to figuring out the best way to offer support to employees and deciphering what programs would be the most effective to implement in your office.

Since we understand that every organization is different and has a range of needs, we are here to match you with the PEO that will best fit your company. Call us today to learn more.

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