[aa_subtitle_display]Employee performance reviews are an important part of developing the talent you have at your organization, and they play a vital role in communicating your expectations and opinion of your employees.

However, at times they can start to seem monotonous, repetitive, and even a bit boring. Especially if you do them more than once a year, your employees can begin to come desensitized to these reviews and their engagement during them may start to decrease.

Since that is the opposite of what you want to happen amidst these reviews, you need to come up with innovative and effective ways to keep them interesting and engaging.

After all, you are busy and want to get the most bang-for-your-buck out of your time, while simultaneously providing your employees with the most value. Here are some ideas on how to do just that.


How to Keep Employee Performance Reviews Interesting

Collect employee feedback during the evaluations

Instead of making the review a one-way street where the manager just gives the employee feedback, also solicit feedback from them during the session.

Ask questions about the company – what they like about it, anything they wish they could change, and so on – in order to better the experience across the board, detect trends, or understand underlying issues.

Also ask for feedback on the way they are managed to see what can potentially be improved from that end.

Have employees complete a self-evaluation

Asking employees to evaluate their own performance is a great way to compare how on-the-mark their review is to yours as their manager.

You may learn of strengths, weaknesses, struggles, or ideas that they have that you were unaware of. Additionally, this could prompt further conversation around the things that you agree and disagree on.

All in all, this could provide for interesting conversation that would not occur if a self-evaluation was not completed. Finally, this task will prompt reflection, which isn’t always easy to do in the busy day-to-day on the job.


Use it as a time to set goals

Having an employee come into their review with goals in mind to set for going forward is a good way to make the session more interesting and productive.

Have a system in place for documenting these goals and be prepared to ask questions and provide feedback on the goals that the employee presents.

Playing devil’s advocate can make goals more fitting to the employee themselves and the company as a whole.

Structure the meeting

Instead of going into the conversation planning on just seeing where it goes, break the meeting into different sections or components that need to be discussed.

Be transparent about the way the conversation will go with employees prior to they occur and let team members know what you expect them to do to be adequately prepared for the discussion.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs exist to help companies navigate topics just like this one – how to make performance reviews as productive and interesting as possible. To find the PEO that will best fit with your organization, give us a call today.

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