[aa_subtitle_display]As we discussed in our recent article centering around fatigue in the workplace, it can be damaging to the productivity of your company to have employees that lack energy.

Additionally, it could affect the happiness of your employees as fatigued individuals may negatively affect the morale of others. To that point, it is important to find ways to keep your employees energized in order to maximize the productivity of your business and to increase the speed in which you reach your goals.

To help you do so, we’ve compiled a list of the best and easiest ways to increase the energy levels of your employees.


How to Increase the Energy Levels in Your Office

Discourage after hours working

With all of the technology available to us these days, it’s easy to be constantly connected and to work after hours.

While it’s great to see such loyal and dedicated employees, a constant stream of work can also contribute greatly to a lack of energy and heightened fatigue in employees.

Set policies in place that limit work outside of the office to ensure that employees are enjoying enough time to themselves and getting sufficient rest.

Offer healthy snacks

Offering snacks at the office that are healthy and good sources of energy and protein is a great way to help increase energy levels across the office. Plus, your employees are bound to appreciate the yummy and healthy snacks.


Allow schedule flexibility

In order to help employees achieve a solid work-life balance, allow them a flexible schedule where you can. This includes allowing them to leave early for occasional personal appointments and taking into consideration factors in their personal lives, such as children.

The more easily employees are able to take care of needs in their personal lives, the less stressed out they will be, and in turn, the more energy they will have to dedicate to work.

Encourage breaks throughout the day

Even something as simple as taking a five minute break every few hours can have a large effect on an employee’s energy and productivity level. Mental breaks where employees leave their desks and clear their minds are beneficial in increasing motivation and keeping them mentally sharp and focused.

Why It’s Important

As we discussed, employees with low-energy can be like a plague in your office, spreading low-morale, causing less engagement, and bringing down the overall vibe of your office.

We know that you strive for employees that are engaged and enthusiastic about their job, and when workers are fatigued it is hard for them to achieve that status. Your PEO can help to instill policies that encourage motivation and enthusiasm in the office and take away from the factors that contribute to an overall lack of energy.

To find what PEO is best for you and your company, we can offer a complimentary competitive analysis to best match you with one that understands and will offer the maximum support to your organization.

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