[aa_subtitle_display]When things – big or small – change at your company, it can be challenging to get the entirety of your team onboard with the adjustments. Especially if something that’s been done a certain way for a long time is being altered, it is common for employees to resist.

By nature, humans aren’t always big fans of change in their lives, let alone at work where they are embedded into a solid routine, filled with the processes they are used to following. The fear of failure combined with the tendency towards complacency makes it difficult for people to readily accept changes.

However, in today’s world – very little stays constant. There is always going to be change at your company (and in life!). And – not to mention – this is a good thing! It means evolution, and evolution means progress. To make change easier in your office, read the tips below.

Change easier

How to Make Change Easier at Your Company

Include people in the process

No one likes to just have change thrown at them or to be told that they have to alter the way they do things. Instead of catching people off guard and making them feel out of the loop, involve them in making the decisions towards the change together.

The more invested your employees and teammates feel in the process, the easier it will be for them to accept the adjustment moving forward.

Implement it slowly

A huge change doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – just happen overnight. When a process or way of doing things is being altered, it should be done gradually in small increments. This allows the team to get used to the change and not have to suddenly and abruptly change what they’re doing from one day to the next.

Let people get the hang of – and on board with – one aspect of the change, and then introduce the next, and so on.

Implement slowly

Be open to making adjustments

When you’re implementing something new, it’s also important that you, as the business leader, keep an open mind as well. As this alteration is introduced to the organization and begins to take hold, be prepared to take in and solicit feedback on how it is going, how it could have gone better, and the overall opinions of the change instilled.

If needed, be willing to change course – even if it’s just in small ways – and make adjustments, tailored to the feedback that your receive. Remember that no process or implementation is going to go off without any bumps in the road, and don’t let the need to adjust the plan throw you off course or discourage you.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs are a wonderful resource for helping to implement big changes in your office in a way that will not be off-putting or intrusive to those working within your organization. These changes should be treated with sensitivity, and a PEO can ensure that that is done, making the change seamless and hassle free.

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