[aa_subtitle_display]In a world where social media rules and information is spouted from everywhere you look, it is more important now than ever to ensure that your organization has sufficient brand advocates out there to spread your mission and to build a strong reputation.

One of the most accessible and valuable groups to target and train as brand advocates is right under your fingertips: your employees. After all, they not only are the ones that know your business best, but they are also your largest asset. So why not enlist in their help to spread the word on your organization?

Take a look at these steps to be taken towards making your employees into the best brand advocates out there.

How to Make Your Employees Into Brand Advocates

Have a social media presence

It’s hard for your employees to understand you want them to actively engage with social media in relation to your business if your organization has no online presence.

We understand that while social media is constantly morphing, it’s hard to keep up with. However, having at least some kind of digital presence and being open to doing more on the web will show your employees that you want them to have their own voices for your brand.

Encourage them to follow your business accounts on social media and regularly ask for their help and input on online campaigns to attract followers.


Practice transparency

The more transparent you are with employees, the more trust they will have in you as a leader and in your organization as a whole. It is important to also show, through radical transparency, that you have faith in the people that make up your company to adequately represent your business on social media.

The goal is to organically make employees feel empowered and trusted enough to be an advocate for your brand rather than making it feel forced and synthetic. Trust us, the results will be more pleasing that way.


Share the right information

In order to make employees feel empowered to share their true feelings on your organization and build your brand publicly, you need to ensure that you are sharing the right caliber of information with them.

Keep them informed on the happenings of the company, highlighting all of the positive initiatives that are occurring. Also be explicit about what information is okay to make public and what is confidential within the confines of the company to limit confusion.

Having a consistent message across the board is vital to building a clear picture of your brand to the public, and the information shared from the inside is what sets the tone for what is shared publicly.

How a PEO Can Help

Especially when your company is more shielded from the public from the start, a PEO can assist in formulating a plan towards enlisting the help of your employees as brand advocates. Because public image is so important in today’s world, this is not something to be discounted.

Allow us to help you find the right PEO with our complimentary competitive analysis. Call us today to get started.

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