[aa_subtitle_display]While we typically associate the holidays with joy, family, and happy memories, they can also be a time of increased stress, anxiety, and even depression for many.

In the workplace, it is important to help mitigate holiday stress for your employees and recognize when it is affecting those around you.

The more stressed your employees are, the less productive and efficient they will be, and the less happy the culture of your office will be.

To keep the holidays from being an unhappy time, we have compiled the facts around what contributes to holiday stress and how to minimize it.

The Factors of Holiday Stress

What makes the holidays so stressful for some?

There are an array of factors that many may not consider when thinking about the holidays. Here are the top contributors:

Financial strain

There are many expectations around the holidays that lead to a financial strain for many. It can feel like you are buying an endless array of gifts, attending pricey events, and spending excessive money during “the most wonderful time of the year”.

In 2015, the average amount spent per person in the U.S. in the holidays was $805.65 (as reported by AOL finance). This is a large number that may put a strain on some and cause a considerable amount of stress.


Busy schedules

The holidays are notorious for causing a busy schedule filled with events, parties, family obligations, and very little time to relax and unwind.

The list of parties to attend can seem never-ending, especially given there are only so many weekends and such limited time during the season.

This can add a good amount of stress to anyone who feels as though they are getting burnt out running around and trying to get everything done in preparation for the holidays.

Emotional factors

On the other side of being too busy during the holiday season, some people may experience “sadness or even depression” if they are not busy enough.

Not being invited to enough events can be a stress trigger, or the loss of loved ones can result in sadness during this time. The holidays can certainly bring up emotions for those who do not have idea personal lives, which is something to be sensitive to.


How to Help Employees Cope with Holiday Stress

As an employer, there are several ways you can help your employees deal with the stress of the season. Working with a PEO is the best way to understand the scope of the issue in your office and to construct a plan to mitigate it. We can place you with the best PEO for your company.

Additionally, other measures to be taken include hosting a holiday event outside of the actual holiday season to help cut down on hectic schedules for employees and taking measures to build community within the office.

Most importantly, fostering an open and supportive environment for employees can help them to feel less stressed out and more comfortable leaning on each other to lessen the burden that the holidays can cause many to bear.

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