[aa_subtitle_display]The holiday season is filled with excitement, togetherness, and for many – ample vacation time and days off of work.

But, there are naturally going to be employees that are not taking vacation time and remain in the office on a daily basis.

Whether they are being productive is another story entirely, though. With so many people out of office and the normal buzz of the company coming to an almost halt, it can be hard for employees to stay motivated to be as productive as possible.

Given the fact that the holidays are such a distracting time, we are here to help you come up with effective ideas to promote productivity.


3 ways to Promote Employee Productivity During the Holiday Season

Allow flexible work hours

Since people tend to have so much on their minds during the holiday season, thinking about things from shopping for presents to worrying about their travel plans or hectic schedules, offering flexible work hours could help them to focus solely on work when they are in the office.

It’s no secret that having so much to do outside of the office can put a burden on employees, which definitely occurs during the holidays.

Accommodating their schedules and allowing them to work when it is easier for them can promote productivity in addition to happier employees overall.

Plan something festive in the office

Sometimes it’s just best to use the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mantra. When it comes to the holidays, this definitely applies.

Planning something in the office to celebrate the season – whether it be a secret Santa, holiday party, or ugly sweater day – can make employees feel appreciated and satisfied, giving them the chance to celebrate with co-workers and socialize.

Then, once the festivities have ended, there is a greater chance of them being more focused on their work and less likely to stop to chat or be unproductive.

Plus, planning a small celebration is fun for everyone! Why not take time to celebrate the season with your employees, anyways?


Allow telecommuting

As we mentioned above, people’s schedules can get pretty crazy over the holidays! With that being said, it could be effective and much appreciated to allow telecommuting over the season.

This allows parents to care for children that are home from school and gives individuals more flexibility in their schedules, while also promoting the fact that they still have work and deliverables to be completed.

This will result in more of your employees working over the holidays rather than using up vacation time, as having the flexibility to work from home is huge. All in all, this will allow your company to be more productive during this busy and demanding season.

How a PEO can Help

A PEO can help you to determine the best way to run your business through the holiday season and what policies to put in place.

To be placed with the ideal PEO for your organization, call us to receive a complimentary competitive analysis and find out which PEO is right for you!

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