[aa_subtitle_display]Every company strives to both attain and retain dedicated and loyal employees who are willing to put in the work to make a business run effectively and ultimately be successful.

Sometimes, achieving that goal equates to long hours, little vacation time, and overworked employees. That being said, it is more important now than ever to ensure that as an employer you are doing your part to promote a healthy work-life balance for all of your employees.

Doing so creates a happier workplace overall and it also has an important effect on how you are viewed as an employer. Ensuring your employees are happy will increase your internal employee retention and therefore reduce the costs of recruiting and retraining.

While your PEO can and should certainly help you promote this internally at your company, we have a few best practices on how to start promoting it today!

Allow telecommuting

Allowing your employees the flexibility of working remotely, if need be, could make their lives a lot simpler. This allows employees to get things done that otherwise might cause them to use vacation or personal time.

For example, if someone is getting a large delivery to their home or needs an appliance fixed, they may not want to use a vacation day to do so. Allowing employees to work remotely gives them the chance to get these things done while not eating up their personal time, thus this is a perk for them.

Notably, Zenefits reports that a study shows that employees are up to 13% more productive when they work from home occasionally

– so it could actually be good for the overall productivity as well!

Allow schedule flexibility

While some companies have rigid work hours mandated to their employees, more and more companies are beginning to be more flexible on this.

Allowing employees to set their own work hours as long as their required workload is being accomplished allows for flexibility and a better work-life balance.

For instance, if someone has a doctor’s appointment at 4:00pm, instead of them needing to use a half-day of vacation or personal time, allowing a more flexible schedule would give them the option of coming in an hour earlier to compensate for leaving early for the appointment.

Especially for employees with children that may need to shuttle them around in the morning or be somewhere after school is over, allowing for a flexible schedule will make the lives of your employees easier, increase their reliability, and will show them that you care about them being able to do what they need to in their personal lives.

Recognize your busy times

Many companies are busier during different seasons, which creates restrictions around when people can use their vacation days.

Being aware of your busier times when you will require “all hands on deck” and preparing for that ahead of time can make a world of difference in supporting a healthy work-life balance in your employees.

Be transparent about certain “black-out dates” for vacations or preplanned out-of-offices and encourage employees to plan vacations before or after that busy time has occurred.

Additionally, in the thick of the chaos, be sure to plan fun appreciation events for your employees inside the office to give them “mental breaks” and show that you care.

Overall, ensuring that your employees consistently have a healthy work-life balance will save your company money. Contact us to learn how a PEO helps you in determining the best ways to promote this for results unparalleled and appreciated by everyone in your office.

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