[aa_subtitle_display]A big part of being an employer is working to keep your employees “happy” to ensure they remain loyal to your company and do not ultimately end up leaving for an alternative job.

To do this, there are many factors to consider and it can be tough to keep up with the constant evolution and change of today’s world that in turn demands changes in the workplace.

An increased amount of business owners are beginning to focus on the physical workspace that their office encompasses. This is important as it has been shown to have a large effect on the employee experience and can be seen as a benefit or point of satisfaction – if well designed.

While this may be something you have never thought about before, redesigning your space is definitely something to consider and to work with your PEO to improve. It is important to note that the space your employees work in can either enhance or detract from their personal well-being, which as Forbes reports is closely correlated to their productivity and performance at work.

Thus, having a more pleasing workspace can drive up your company’s productivity and overall success.

One way to encourage a pleasing workplace is to offer multiple ways of working to employees.

For example, it’s great to have normal conference rooms with tables, office chairs, and television screens for presentations

– but to counter that, it is also useful to have conference rooms with couches or spots to lounge in to support more relaxed meetings that revolve less around presentations and more around brainstorming.

Also – offer collaborative and open areas for people to come together but also have more secluded, quiet spaces where employees can go to independently to think.

Another important aspect of designing an inspiring space is to allow it to reflect how you want your employees to feel throughout their work day. Filling your office with interesting art work, bright colors, and well-designed furniture will raise their satisfaction levels of their work environment.

Also, remember that the better designed your workspace is, the more attractive it will be to candidates that visit the office interview. To impress interviewees and satisfy employees, well-known companies have revamped their spaces to the max.

For example, General Mills’ office includes an atrium and Quicken Loans has a game room with a pool table.

Office furniture retailer Steelcase reports in a recently conducted survey that approximately 90% of respondents stated that they are less than satisfied with their workspace.

As more and more companies redesign to appease their workers and in an attempt to attract top talent, this is becoming an increasingly important trend.

Your PEO can assist you in making these changes to your office design to help ensure that you are retaining your top employees, acquiring your pick of top hires, and that your employees are maximizing their productivity to make your business as profitable as possible.

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