[aa_subtitle_display]In order to be an effective leader and employee in today’s world, it is vital to be self-aware. A lack of self-awareness results in so many negatives – from ignorance to weaknesses, a stunted personal evolution process, more internal conflicts, all the way to the consequence of a lessened overall success rate for your business.

A heightened sense of self-awareness allows employees to work and lead more authentically and confidently, which is a huge asset for your business overall. However, achieving this sense of self is not easy to come by, and most times the sheer obstacle of realizing a lack of self-awareness is what prevents individuals from attaining it.

Luckily, there are many ways to improve this quality and ensure that your business is running smoothly because of it.

How Your Employees Can Improve Their Self-Awareness at Work

Keep personal records

Encouraging those around to you to write things down does nothing but good for both your employees and organization. First, encourage employees to start by writing down their priorities, goals, and plans on how to get there.

They should then keep short notes on any triumphs or trials they experience on the road to meeting those goals. Doing so can help them and their manager to realize what shortcomings they have that are attributing to them struggling to meet a goal or what strengths they have that are helping the cause.

Another way to use lists and notes to aid in building self-awareness is for employees to keep a “balance sheet” of their personality traits. Harvard Business Review reports that this idea is inspired by Benjamin Franklin, and that a person should keep track of both their assets and liabilities when it comes to their personality and working style in order to be not only self-aware but to help build their character.

Keep your personal record

Solicit and provide regular feedback

Hearing reactions, advice, and raw feedback from peers is one of the best ways to increase self-awareness in yourself. This is because it is virtually impossible to be completely objective when evaluating ourselves and furthermore to understand how we come off to others.

Try having a round table discussion with teammates and having each person say three strengths and three weaknesses they perceive about each teammate as well as about themselves. This will give a well-rounded view of each person for their manager and for each individual to think about, too.

Meditate regularly

Meditation may seem like an unconventional way to increase self-awareness, but it has a proven track record of helping. There are many different methods of meditation, but what they all have in common is that they focus on helping you stop doing and stop thinking, allowing you to only focus on the task at hand.

Along with increasing self-awareness, meditation has added benefits such as strengthening your immune system and quickly reducing stress.


How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can be of assistance in identifying the best ways for your business to help employees increase their self-awareness levels. To find the PEO that will best match the needs of your company, call us today to receive a complimentary competitive analysis.

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