[aa_subtitle_display]Attention to detail is a tricky thing – it is certainly something that people are born with a natural aptitude towards, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a skill that people can learn and improve as time goes on.

In any work environment, a certain level of attention to detail is undoubtedly important, as it could be the difference between impressing or angering a client, between landing or missing a big business deal, and between gaining the trust of your customers or losing them forever.

As a manager, it’s hard to help ensure as a whole your business is attention to detail oriented and that individuals have sharp skills in relation to that in which you can count on. Keep reading to learn how you can help your office be more detail-oriented going forward, keeping clients happy and your organization profitable.

Detail matter

Improving Attention to Detail in Your Office

Encourage list making

The use of lists can be helpful in ensuring that your employees don’t let tasks slip through the cracks. Provide your employees with notepads or even an online task system that helps them to adequately track their deliverables and the details within them.

Giving them those tools to success is an important step on the road towards instilling a heightened sense of attention to details in your office.

Share tips and highlight successes

In team meetings, make it a point to highlight when people do an outstanding job being detail-oriented. This could be in relation to a big project or even in simple email correspondence.

After spotlighting the triumph, ask the responsible person to share their best tips and tricks towards being detail oriented in order to spread the knowledge with the rest of the team. The sharing of best practices can give people struggling with this ideas on how to improve.


Work with people on an individual level

Especially when you have people struggling with this in their day-to-day work life, it’s important to put in the effort to help them improve.

In their touch base meetings, talk to them about where they are struggling most, what they think causes the gap, and what they can do about it going forward. Put a plan in place to help their skills improve, including checkpoints along the way to measure that it is working.

Helping them to follow this on an ongoing basis and consistently following up on their mistakes and successes along the way will increase the rate of improvement and will slowly weed out these issues from your office.

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs can be particularly helpful in guiding managers towards successfully coaching employees in your office, whether it be regarding attention to detail issues or anything else that comes up in the world of business.

To find the PEO that will best suit the needs of your organization, call us today to start a consultation and receive a complimentary competitive analysis.

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