[aa_subtitle_display]In a busy world of work, home life, and other extra-curricular activities – we totally understand that your employees could get themselves into a slump.

Especially during what is – for most people – a busy time of year approaching with the holiday season, it is more important now than ever to ensure that those working to run your business stay motivated.

After all, we recognize that there is nothing more important to the success of your business than having motivated employees that are willing and excited to put in the hard work and effort to keep moving towards your goals.

As an employer, there are several easy ways for you to help the overall morale in the office. Here are some ways we encourage business owners to do so:

Encourage breaks and relaxation

According to 20 Something Finance, a recent study reports that 85.8 percent of American males and 66.5 percent of American females work more than 40 hours per week. Given the long work hours, it is important to encourage breaks throughout the day to keep employees refreshed and revitalized.

Additionally, encouraging employees not to leave allotted vacation time or days unused, especially once it is the last quarter of the calendar year, is a great way to ensure that employees are getting the time away from work they are entitled to in order to stay on top of their game.

Create a career track

A great way to keep employees motivated is to create a career path for them to promote the yearn for advancement. Giving employees a career path of what they can work to achieve and aspire to be will encourage them to work harder to advance to the next step.

Have frequent conversations with your employees about where you hope to see them a year to eighteen months from now and make examples out of those who have been internally promoted and shown the merit for promotion.

Give credit where credit is due

Providing your employees with positive reinforcement and recognition for those doing well will motivate them to continue to do well and will also promote others to yearn for positive reinforcement for themselves.

Furthermore, providing those who are succeeding on tasks, projects, innovations, or implementations – in big and small ways – with recognition will foster further eagerness in those employees to learn new things, take on new projects, crave new responsibilities, and master new techniques.

When practicing this motivation approach, be sure to cite specifically what you are praising and why it was something worthy of recognition. Additionally, it is most effective to be as genuine as possible and express your appreciation for the employee’s work.

Use incentives

Incentivizing your employees will go a long way in keeping them motivated to put forth their best effort. Whether the incentives are big or small, they can have a large effect.

Instilling recurring incentives like naming someone the “employee of the month” is an easy and effective way to cultivate excitement and hard work.

Another useful idea – that also works as a team building exercise – could be to incentivize employees by offering group rewards – like a happy hour, comped lunch, or other group event – once a specific goal is met.

This will not only encourage people to work together but will also serve as a fun and revitalizing community event once it happens – all while simultaneously pushing people to efficiently achieve the goal of the business.

Allow employees to excel at what they enjoy

Assigning employees tasks that you know they will enjoy – rather it be because of their personal interests, personal subject matter expertise, or life passions – will motivate them to want to succeed.

Additionally, doing so will show them that you have a vested interest and knowledge of what they are like, which they will no doubt appreciate.

Finally, when they are genuinely enjoying a task or project they are more likely to succeed in it, and – in turn – that success will instill in them a “self-confidence” that will positively affect whatever other tasks they are working on.

How can a PEO help you keep your employees motivated?

Having a PEO is very useful and instrumental towards keeping your employees motivated on a day-to-day basis. PEOs are helpful in assisting you identify areas of deficiency as far as employee motivation goes and then constructing a plan that will work for your business in order to reduce the negativity in the office.

Also, a PEO can help proactively plan ways to keep your employees motivated year round to avoid these actions being purely reactionary, which will show your employees how much you truly care about them and their happiness at work.

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