[aa_subtitle_display]With graduations approaching in the coming months, now is a great time for your company to have a presence at career fairs and begin interviewing soon-to-be college grads to fill vacant positions at your company.

But you may be thinking: is hiring recent grads worth the investment?

It is certainly something to think about, as the recruiting, hiring, and training processes are both time consuming and costly to your company. That makes it important to weigh your options carefully.

Read on to learn more about how to assess the situation and how worth it these new hires really are.

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Is Hiring Recent Grads Worth It? How to Tell

Look at their experiences

When it comes to hiring a recent grad, you will want to look at their resume as a whole, just as you would with any other candidate for employment. According to The Atlantic, what employers are most interested in with recent grads is not what you would think: their grades, courses, and college attended.

Instead, most are primarily looking at their previous internships, jobs, volunteering, and extracurriculars. This helps you to see what practical experience they actually have, how much granular training they will need, and where their strengths lie.

It also shows whether the individual has had experience simply working in an office environment in the past, which makes a big difference. While grades and courses taken are certainly important, research shows that using experiences to gauge the skills and fit of a potential employee is more effective.

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Think about how much you want to pay

When you’re looking to fill an open position at your company, you have to take a look at how much you are willing to pay to get the right person in the door. If you are looking for cheaper labor, a recent graduate may be the way to go.

Because they have less experience, you don’t have to pay as high of a premium to entice them to take an offer, as you would someone who has years of working under their belt. You can also offer them lesser vacation days in their benefit package, too, which makes them all-in-all less costly.

Take the time to find the fit

Above all, you need to find a candidate that truly fits the role that you’re looking to fill. Consider their skills, prior experience, and personality. Also match them against the team they will be working on to gauge how well they will fit in and “mesh” with the other employees.

This may lead to a recent graduate being hired or it may steer you in another direction. Wherever it leads, finding that fit is a vital part of building a solid and high functioning organization, via every hire you make.

The Bottom Line

The answer to the question, “is hiring recent grads worth it?” isn’t so clear cut. It truly depends on the situation as well as the individual that is hired. While it may be a risk to hire someone with little experience, in theory all hires are somewhat of a risk.

At the end of the day, you need to weigh the different options against each other and make the best choice for your company.

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