It’s almost time for National Health Education Week 2020. Over the last 9 months, the world has taken public health a lot more seriously than it has in decades. The pandemic has made everyone hyper-aware of contagious diseases and hygiene. 

The world has seen phenomenal medical advancements over the past 100 years and perhaps more over the last 100 days. This is proof that society has developed a better understanding of public health and how to look after ourselves. We owe that to organizations that promote health education, like SOPHE.

SOPHE, or The Society for Public Health Education, pioneered National Health Education Week. This year, National Health Education Week will be from October 19th – October 23rd, in the third week of October.  


About National Health Education Week 

SOPHE has been celebrating National Health Education Week for 20 years. They aim to raise awareness around the importance of understanding health and wellness. 

The Purpose of National Health Education Week 

The point of National Health Education Week is to:

  • Increase awareness on public health issues plaguing the country, and 
  • Spread a better understanding of why health education is important. 


The Goals of National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week is all about improving the general health of society. SOPHE aims to use National Health Education Week to:

  • Show support to healthcare and healthcare professionals
  • Train and teach new healthcare professionals, and 
  • Spread awareness about the importance and value of health education. 



SOPHE consists of almost 4000 members. It is a nonprofit, independent association of health education professionals and students. Members come from the US and 25 other countries. They are found in:

  • Schools 
  • Universities 
  • NGOs 
  • The healthcare industry, and 
  • In government agencies.

With National Health Education Week, SOPHE teaches communities about personal wellbeing. National Health Education Week is important because it highlights the impact knowledge can have on one’s health. 

According to SOPHE, it is easier to keep healthy than it is to get better. Here are a few facts that they’ve listed on their website: 

  • By preventing chronic disease, we can drastically reduce the cost of medical care. 
  • According to the CDC, in 2013 75% of the US healthcare budget was spent on treating chronic diseases, adding up to $1,7 trillion.
  • In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation had predicted that if $10 dollars was spent on preventative interventions per person, the country could save up to $16 billion in 5 years. 


Why is Health Education So Important? 

When you compare human life expectancy to what it used to be, it shows off how much people have learned about health and wellness. Through understanding human health, people are now able to overcome ailments that used to mean certain death. 

National Health Education Week is all about engaging with health care. The focus is on skills and knowledge that health care providers use to keep society well. Knowing how to look after yourself also means spending less on medical bills.

For SOPHE, promoting Health Education and National Health Education Week means: 

  • Improving health at all levels of society, meaning individuals, communities, and the nation in general
  • Improving health to improve the quality of life for Americans
  • Reducing the need for costly healthcare and premature deaths

National Health Education Week & Scoop Health

US citizens spend a fortune on healthcare every year and it’s becoming more and more obvious that the fee for service health system is not catering to our needs. 

It takes a community to care for everyone’s health. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, psychiatrists, dietitians… who knows who or what you’re going to need? 

National Health Education Week teaches us that it is important to play an active part in your own wellbeing. By staying well and knowing how to look after yourself, you’re empowering yourself to live life to the fullest. 

Compare your body to a new car. Knowing about your car’s health needs means knowing when to service it, knowing which fuel to use, and knowing how to maintain all the parts. Even though your car is bound to have some trouble every now and then, if you have the right information, you will know how to go about getting it fixed up.

Just like we like to share medical costs at Scoop Health, we also like to share resources that can make your life, and your health care, better. We want you to know that, no matter what, when you join our community, we have your back. 


Medical Cost Sharing with Sedera

As a Sedera member, you remain 100%  in charge of your family’s healthcare choices. Our medical cost sharing community wants the best for you and your bank account. You can save around 50% of the monthly premiums routinely seen with health insurance.

Jining our cost-sharing community will not only save you money, but you get to choose exactly what sort of care your money is being spent on. By joining our community you commit to a healthy lifestyle, but things can still go wrong. Medical bills can get big fast and you need to be prepared. When things do go wrong, Scoop Health promotes a culture of price transparency and we share member’s large medical bills with our community. 

We like our community members to know exactly how their money is being spent. This creates a culture of community responsibility to spend wisely. We support our members in finding the best doctors and prices for their medical needs. Americans incur too many hidden costs when it comes to healthcare. We want you to get the care you need without being taken advantage of so we negotiate member’s large medical bills for them. 


Scoop Health Resources That Can Help You 

It’s no surprise that people are avoiding the doctor’s office these days. People who already have other serious health conditions are more susceptible to the symptoms of COVID. So, if you’ve managed to avoid infection, the last place you want to go is to the crowded doctor’s waiting area!

This is why Scoop Health wants to educate you about the virtual resources that are available to you! These services can help you manage chronic conditions with your own virtual doctor helping and all without having to leave the safety of your home. This is why Scoop prioritizes informing members about the digital and virtual resources to support our members as smart consumers of healthcare. 

National Health Education Week aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices, and so does Scoop Health. We aim to promote lifestyle choices that will help members protect you and your family.

Everyone deserves the best health care, and at Scoop Health, we want to help you get it without wasting your money on inflated medical bills. We want to make sure our members have the knowledge and resources to make healthy lifestyle choices. 


Help Scoop Celebrate National Health Education Week

Celebrate National Health Education Week with Scoop Health this Spring. Learn about the best way to prepare yourself and your family for the unexpected. National Health Education Week is all about staying informed and learning how to make sure you live your best life.  


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