So you’ve missed the open enrollment period or made the wrong choice and now you’re panicking for healthcare options- medical cost-sharing has your answer!

As of December 15th, open enrollment for health insurance in 2021 is closed. Maybe you missed the window, or maybe you aren’t happy with your choices, and think there’s nothing to do until next year. Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore. It doesn’t matter if you missed the open enrollment period or if you made bad choices. You still have an option to get great health care at an affordable price with medical cost-sharing instead of health insurance. 


Missing the Open Enrollment Period is Not the End of the World


Would it be wise to wait till next year to get healthcare? Probably not. Catastrophic healthcare is expensive, and it always comes up when you least expect it. Everyone needs a way to pay for catastrophic health care needs, everyone wants that too, but not everyone can afford health insurance. This is where affordable medical cost-sharing enters the discussion. 

Medical cost-sharing is an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. It’s cheaper per month than health insurance, and it’s actually more accessible and user-friendly. The more we explain medical cost-sharing, the happier you’ll be that the open enrollment period didn’t work out for you.  

Here are our top reasons why canceling your health insurance and switching to medical cost-sharing is the best option for you for healthcare in 2021. 


More User-Friendly 


The way they pressure you to buy health insurance it’s not surprising that so many people have regrets over the choices they’ve made during this open enrollment period. Traditional insurance plans are filled with complicated terminology, huge deductibles, and coverage limitations. If you made open enrollment this year, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Buying health insurance is like solving a Rubik’s Cube. But medical cost-sharing is straight forward and far easier to understand and use to pay your large medical bills. 

There are no piles of paperwork or confusing words to grapple with. You know exactly what you’re getting. No professional help is needed – the terms are simple and hassle-free. This means less chance of a miscommunication costing you money or keeping you from the care that you need.  


Less Room For Error 

If you chose wrong during the open enrollment period, it could be because it was badly organized or the timeline rushed. During Open Enrollment period, they expect you to drop everything else and decide on a health insurance plan for you and your family.  It’s very easy to get confused when you are selecting individual health insurance on your own. You might feel pressured to make a choice, any choice, and hope it’s the best one when you need it. For many of us it’s a roll of the dice at the last minute.  

Whatever the reason – you can’t make a ‘wrong’ decision when choosing medical cost-sharing. You can sign up any time and quit anytime if you want to go back to health insurance. You can get all the help you need without the big-budget concerns that come up with health insurance.  It’s easier to understand medical cost-sharing, it’s uncomplicated and unrestricted.


Consistency is Key 

Did you just renew your health insurance policy with the same company without noticing it had changed?  And now you’re disappointed? This wouldn’t surprise us it happens all the time. The variables during the open enrollment period are endless. Coverage options change, deductibles, and co-insurance change year after year,  no two single plans are identical.  This makes any smart comparison shopping totally impossible.  With each annual open enrollment period, you’ll basically start from scratch. Scratching your head, and wondering why are you doing this again when you could be signed up for medical cost sharing and never worry about an open enrollment period again.  

Medical cost-sharing is different – It’s a membership.  There’s no more need to shop for health insurance and twist your brain to make sense of it all.  Medical cost-sharing memberships are consistent and community-based. In plain English, that means every member gets treated equally.  There’s no goal to trap you in a tricky contract or make a profit off of your sickness like there is with health insurance 


Saves Money

Traditional health insurance plans are expensive and have high deductibles and co-insurance costs that can exceed the annual premiums. If you took part, the open enrollment period it probably felt like one big money grab by the health insurance companies. Medical cost-sharing isn’t like that. It’s more affordable because there’s no investors and shareholders expecting to make a profit. Members pay in a regular monthly amount to the community. That money goes to pay other members’ medical needs.  When a member has large medical needs they are shared by the community in the same way. The Initial Unshared Amount or IUA can be way less than the deductibles on insurance plans. And with medical cost-sharing from Scoop Health, there is no co-insurance once the member pays the IUA 100% of the rest is shared by the community.


When the bills get large, Sedera medical cost-sharing steps in and negotiates lower costs for the health services a member received. Medical cost-sharing usually costs 30 – 50 % less than health insurance.  Come to think of it, missing the open enrollment period might have been the best thing you could have done for your health and your bank account. 


More Personal Choice 

Insurance coverage comes with lots of fine print and rules that restrict your choices to access healthcare. You have to use ‘in-network’ providers or face stiff financial consequences to choose the doctor you want if they are out of network. Why is that? Knowing this could mean you’re not too upset if you slipped past the open enrollment period this year. But you still need to worry about paying for a medical catastrophe.

With medical cost-sharing, there are no ‘network’ boundaries around healthcare, so you can use any doctor you like. There are no out-of-network penalties for seeing your doctor.  . Everyone gets to pick medical services they feel good about – wherever, whenever, and whoever. The choice is yours! There no annual limits, your employment status is irrelevant too. The community guidelines determine how members’ medical bills are reimbursed. And the community is strong and resilient and there to support members when large medical bills happen. Members get paid back for all their medical bills over the initial unshared portion, as low as $500.  We doubt you heard or would have heard about this perk during the open enrollment period. 


Offers More Support

Even if the open enrollment period did work out for you and you got an insurance policy in place. The result would not have given you a community to support you in your time of medical needs. Medical cost-sharing means becoming part of a health-minded community that cares about your well-being. Members are asked to commit to practice a healthy lifestyle and try to improve their quality of life. By lowering the need for members to seek medical care, and negotiating member’s large bills, Sedera medical cost sharing can offer every member easy access to high-quality healthcare, for less. 

Medical cost-sharing offers more support than insurance plans offered only during the open enrollment period. With insurance, developing a serious medical condition among your employees could drive up health insurance rates for the entire company. . But this can’t happen with medical cost-sharing.  Nobody is asked to pay more or kicked out of the community after they get sick. This is different, the medical cost-sharing community will be there for you in your time of need. They won’t cast you out because you become ill. Further, health cost sharing does not impose annual or lifetime limits on people like insurance does. When you need support, it’s yours according to the member guidelines – no other strings attached.  


Saves Time 

If you signed up for health insurance during open enrollment and are perhaps regretting your choice – all is not lost. It might feel like you wasted your time but at least you are figuring out your mistake early enough to fix it. And in the long run, choosing medical cost-sharing will save you loads of money and time.  

Medical cost-sharing memberships offer easy access to care like no other healthcare option. Medical cost-sharing gives you the healthcare you need, when you need it without wasting any of your precious time or hard-earned money. 


More Trustworthy 

If you chose an insurance plan during the open enrollment period, your healthcare is impacted by the financial interests of a profit-motivated insurance company. But this isn’t that situation with medical cost-sharing where there is no profit incentive. Bring a part of the medical cost sharing movement allows you to sever commercial disincentives from your health journey. You’ll know that like-minded people are all acting in the best interests of the community as a whole. And when medical issues come up, members are happy to share the costs. There’s no personal financial interest involved in the decision. Members gladly contribute a lower amount each month knowing that the community will be there for them too when the medical bills start piling up. 

Medical cost-sharing gives you something which the open enrollment period could never give – an affordable peace of mind. You’ll know you and your family are supported while also knowing that no one is trying to profit off the sickness of others – it’s a win, win!


Final Thoughts On Medical Cost-Sharing

So it’s not bad news that the open enrollment period didn’t work for you. Medical cost-sharing can solve all your healthcare problems. Scoop Health is powered by Sedera medical cost sharing, a leading non-faith based medical cost-sharing community. We offer members access to high-quality healthcare and peace of mind for less than health insurance can and can help make your 2021 easier. We help individuals and businesses to take advantage of  all the benefits of medical cost-sharing with none of the insurance downfalls. The open enrollment period is not the be-all and end-all for your new years hopes and dreams of good health and financial prosperity. You have the power to take control of your money and your healthcare journey – starting now.

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