[aa_subtitle_display]Have you ever completed a personality assessment?

They are interesting, in-depth, and can be quite telling about what a person is innately like. There are so many different tests out there – some are hours long, some are computerized, and there are even some that are in-person interviews.

And while this idea may seem a bit out-dated, many companies rely on them in the recruiting process to correctly match a prospective employee to their business, or they are used to just learn more about the people working for their organization.

There are ups and downs to these tests. Let’s explore the benefits that these tests can have for your organization.


The Benefits of Personality Testing

It can speed up the recruiting process

Personality testing is a good way to speed up the recruiting process as it is a way to eliminate candidates before even bringing them in the door.

This can save time for your recruiting team and cut down on the amount of time they need to spend in interviews. This will allow them to spend more time on the candidates that they actually do bring in, as well.

It can make interviews more concise

A personality test can be very telling as to what someone is like. This could help interviewers zero in on different aspects of the person’s results that they may want to probe into further or learn more about.

These tests can reveal someone’s strengths and weaknesses, too, which will also make it easier to decipher what kinds of questions will be most effective and telling in a particular interview.

It can reduce employee turnover rates

Employees that share similar personality traits are proven to be able to work together more easily. Hand picking the personalities of those working at your company allows you to reduce the rate of employee turnover, keeping your recruiting, hiring, and training costs down.


They help find the best person for a specific job

Personality tests detect specific traits, interests, talents, and strengths in each individual that undergoes them. This can be helpful in matching a person to a specific job that requires distinct skills, abilities, and qualities.

This can lead to a quicker training and ramp-up time and a more productive employee right off the bat.

It can help grow your culture – personality tests can easily detect who has the qualities and demeanor to fit in with the specific culture of your organization. This is an important aspect of keeping employees happy and creating a positive reputation for your business.

How a PEO Can Help

Personality tests can certainly have their advantages, but they could also be costly and require a lot of research and training to make them worth the cost. Look out for our next article about the disadvantages of these tests.

But in the meantime, a PEO can be helpful in navigating these waters. Call us to receive a complimentary competitive analysis and to be matched with the PEO that is best for your organization today.

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