[aa_subtitle_display]Employee engagement matters and this is something that most organizations have started realizing, as it directly impacts productivity and profits. A disengaged workplace is a serious issue that cannot be ignored as the economic consequences can affect the business in more ways than imagined.

When the workforce does not feel connected or motivated in their roles, it can result in an employee engagement gap. The negative effect is felt not just on productivity but also on customer service and retention.

A recent survey showed that one in four employees do not feel that the organization does enough to keep them engaged. In addition to this, over 61% of employees indicated that they may leave their current positions if they do not feel engaged at the workplace.

The good news for organizations, big and small is that it does not take much to keep your employees engaged and happy. Simple strategies that are implemented in the day-to-day operations can go a long way in making the workplace engaged.

Signs of Low Engagement

Many successful organizations “miss out” on signs of low engagement. They become aware of the problems when they start affecting productivity.

A good manager and management may be able to spot the early signs of trouble. Poor performance from good employees, complaints about customer service and increased conflict at the workplace are tell-tale signs of low engagement.

Share Information

Most organizations fail to share crucial information with employees. This can happen unintentionally or intentionally. Irrespective of why it was done, most employees may start feeling that the organization is keeping them in the dark and they may draw their own conclusions.

It is advisable to give employees regular information about the financial state of the organization and explain the short term and long term goals in a clear and concise manner.

When you keep employees in the loop of things they may feel connected and this can result in an engaged workplace. Sharing information also shows that the company values its employees.

Define Expectations

You may be surprised to know that most employees do not know what they are supposed to do in a particular project. The expectations are not clearly defined.

When employees do not know and understand what they are doing, it can be hard for them to be enthusiastic or excited about the project. This can result in a disengaged workplace.

Each time an employee is assigned a project, it is best to spell out the expectations and share as much detail as possible. When the worker knows how he/she is contributing to the success of the project they may make an extra effort to complete it in the best possible manner.

Managers should encourage the team and individual employees to ask questions for additional information.

PEOs can help managers simplify the process of employee engagement. You may be surprised to learn how simple the tools and programs are and how easily they can help create an engaged workplace.

The programs follow a personalized approach and can be easily implemented in a small or large team.

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