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[aa_subtitle_display]Having role models at your business is an important part of helping to not only motivate employees, but to help them evolve.

Role models can be the executives at your organization, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just those business leaders. They can also be managers or even line level employees that make a great impression and set an example.

However, it’s important to remember that role models are built from the top down. In order to ensure that employees have great role models to look up to, draw inspiration from, and emulate, keep in mind the below qualities that make for a stellar role model.


Qualities that Make for Quality Role Models


As we’ve blogged about before, displaying empathy is an important quality in any leader who wants to make a difference. Being able to look at things from the perspectives of others and to practice tolerance and imperfection is an important part of being a great role model for those around you.


Role models should always display a sense of commitment to all that they do, constantly displaying their passion for their work and willingness to go above and beyond to meet a goal.

Those who are lackadaisical about their role and company are certainly not those that will be cited as a worthwhile role model or a memorable one.


Good listener

Someone who is consistently a good listener will be regarded as someone to look up to. Listening to those around you in a meaningful way is harder to do than you would think, so being able to do so is a feat and a great quality in a leader.


Having a true sense of awareness of the world around you and the state of an organization is endlessly important when it comes to being a stellar role model.

Especially when it’s hard to face reality and gain a true perception of what problems, triumphs, and failures are at hand, true leaders and role models must maintain a heightened sense of awareness in order to be successful.


Amazing role models are no strangers to the art of persuasion. Quality leaders are able to use their talents, intelligence, and wit to demand little from others, yet still achieve their goals – one day and step at a time.


This is not an easy ability to have, but it is a necessary one for anyone who would like to be known as a quality role model. Having the gift of foresight means that one can make sound decisions in relation to supporting the future, even despite the fact that it’s unknown.

When it comes to cultivating a culture full of role models worth looking up to, it’s important to start by ensuring executives and business leaders are good role models themselves.

Give your employees someone they can count on to inspire them and you’ll be on the road to creating a group of role models that will lead your company to great success.

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