[aa_subtitle_display]More and more companies are joining the movement towards promoting a more open and collaborative workplace to catalyze open communication, innovative ideas, and a higher level of efficiency.

WeSpire reports that, through a recent study, 39% of those surveyed stated that in their opinion, those within their organization do not collaborate enough and 86% of executives noted that they believe lack of communication and or communication failures are responsible for workplace failures.

Based on those statistics, you are undoubtedly starting to get the idea that this is an important topic to focus on as an employer. It is also worth noting the effects of not promoting a collaborative workplace.

A lack of collaboration can lead to employees seeking this engagement elsewhere, even if means them leaving the company to work somewhere that endorses collaboration.

Furthermore, allowing employees to come together to work on projects, initiatives, and assignments can increase efficiency and assists in more work being finished and executed than two people working independently does.

In fact, promoting this from the start rather than employees having to go out of their way to facilitate this on their own will save your employees time and your company money. Fonality reports that staff spend an average of 74 minutes per week attempting to contact both customers and colleagues in order to work on projects and collaborate.

An additional reason to promote collaboration and teamwork is that it stimulates creativity and innovation.

Combining the different complementary strengths of different workers inspires the possibility of employees coming up with ideas that they would not necessarily think of independently.

Also, team projects are a great way to encourage members of the organization to feel proud of their contributions and more fulfilled by their job overall.

This, in turn, equates to more loyal and dedicated employees as well as higher job and workplace satisfaction, which will directly affect your company’s employee retention rate.

In fact, poor communication as well as an unsupportive company culture was ranked by HR Zone as an employee retention issue for approximately 20-30% of organizations – so it unquestionably has a large effect.

Your PEO is here to help you design a collaborative culture that will prompt more engagement within the office, spur efficiency and creativity, and make your business more lucrative and successful while being a happier place to work.

Your employees are your biggest asset and keeping them satisfied is important.

What better way to do that than to let them showcase their thoughts and skills with those around them?

Your PEO has the experience, ideas, and tools to facilitate this while taking the burden and work off of you.

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