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[aa_subtitle_display]When it comes to the debate as to whether or not to have a suggestion box in your office, there are certainly two sides to the coin. Take a look at the pros and cons of each that we have gathered to help in deciding whether or not this is the best way for your organization to collect ideas and feedback.

The Pros of Having a Suggestion Box at Your Office

It could bring in creative ideas

First and foremost, a suggestion box may be a great medium to use in collecting ideas that you might not otherwise receive from your employees.

These can range from anything regarding the physical traits of your office to the structure of your teams to the way procedures and processes are run. These suggestions could certainly bring a fresh perspective to management in many ways.

It shows you’re open to ideas

Having a suggestion box is a great way to show employees that business leaders and management are both open to hearing and considering ideas from literally anyone in the company. It’s a great way to ensure the communication level is open throughout the office, too.


It encourages shy employees

Because suggestion boxes are typically anonymous and require a passive method of communicating, this is a great way to get shy employees to speak their mind in some way. Otherwise, these quieter individuals may not be as quick to give their ideas and suggestions – both of which may be beneficial for the office as a whole.

The Cons of Having a Suggestion Box at Your Office

It could lead to inappropriate or rude comments

Giving employees this anonymous and passive method of communication could lead to off-color or inappropriate remarks being submitted, which opens up a whole new can of worms. And, not to mention, that is not productive and it does not meet the goals of the box in general.

You may have to sift through useless comments

If you have a suggestion box in your office, there’s a good chance you’ll end up sifting through comments that you find to be quite useless. Whether they be ideas that are unrealistic or ideas that just flat-out aren’t great, you may end up feeling like you’re wasting your precious time.

It may be an outlet for complaints

It wouldn’t be totally surprising if this ends up being an outlet for employees to voice their complaints rather than ideas, which is probably not achieving the goal of the suggestion box overall. Again, this could leave you feeling you’ve wasted your own time going through the “suggestions”.


How a PEO Can Help

Finding the best way to gather your employee’s feedback, whether it be through a suggestion box or not, can be tough. A PEO can assist in instilling a process for doing so in your office and can also help to measure whether or not the intended results are being attained. Call us today to learn more about PEOs.

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